How to make the most of your visit to any hot tub store

Choosing the perfect hot tub is an exciting journey, and visiting hot tub stores is a crucial part of that process. Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade your current spa, a well-informed visit to hot tub retailers can make all the difference. To help you make the most of your visit, we've put together this comprehensive checklist. Follow these steps, and you'll be well-prepared to choose the ideal hot tub that suits your lifestyle, preferences, and budget.

Before Your Visit:

Measure Your Space

Begin by measuring the available area in your yard or home. Knowing the dimensions will ensure that the hot tub from local hot tub stores fits comfortably in your chosen spot.

Consider Your Needs

Think about the primary reasons for wanting a hot tub from hot tub retailers. Is it for relaxation, pain relief, quality family time, or other specific purposes?

Research Models

Take some time to explore the hot tub models and features offered by Sundance® Spas and local hot tub dealers. Familiarize yourself with the options available to get a sense of what may best suit your needs.

During Your Visit

Ask Questions: When you visit hot tub stores, don't hesitate to ask the knowledgeable staff about the various hot tub models, features, and benefits. Consider inquiring about energy efficiency, water care systems, and maintenance requirements.

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Wet Test

If the hot tub dealership offers a "wet test," take advantage of this unique opportunity. Trying out a hot tub allows you to experience firsthand the comfort and hydrotherapy it provides.

Check Warranty

Inquire at hot tub retailers about the warranty coverage for the hot tubs they offer. Understand the terms and conditions to ensure your investment is well-protected.

Discuss Installation

Engage in a conversation with the staff at hot tub stores about the installation process. Seek clarity on any electrical or plumbing requirements and ensure that your chosen location is suitable for the hot tub.

Water Care and Maintenance:

Water Care Options

Learn about the water care systems available for Sundance® Spas hot tubs at hot tub dealers. Ask about the ease of maintenance and the recommended schedule for keeping your hot tub in pristine condition.

Maintenance Advice

Gather valuable insights on routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning, water chemistry management, and filter care from the experts at hot tub retailers. Understanding how to care for your hot tub is essential for long-term enjoyment.

Additional Considerations:


Explore the range of accessories available at hot tub stores, including hot tub covers, steps, and maintenance products. These add-ons can enhance your hot tub experience and convenience.

Delivery and Setup

Inquire about the hot tub delivery and installation process at hot tub dealerships. Take note of any additional costs associated with these services.

Finance Options

If you're considering financing your hot tub purchase, ask at hot tub retailers about available financing plans and terms to find the right fit for your budget.

A visit to hot tub stores is a crucial step in selecting the perfect spa for your relaxation and hydrotherapy needs. By following this comprehensive checklist, you'll be well-prepared to make an informed decision at hot tub dealerships, ensuring that your investment in a hot tub provides years of enjoyment and well-being.