Choosing the Perfect Hot Tub for Your Backyard Retreat

Transforming your backyard into a relaxing oasis with a hot tub can enhance your lifestyle and provide a sanctuary for unwinding after a long day. In this guide, we'll explore how to select the best hot tub for your backyard space, considering factors such as size, features, and aesthetics.

Assessing Your Space

  1. Measurements: Begin by measuring the available space in your backyard where you intend to place the hot tub. Consider factors such as clearance around the spa for access and any landscaping features you may want to incorporate.
  2. Placement: Determine the ideal location for your hot tub, taking into account privacy, views, and proximity to your home. Consider factors such as sunlight exposure, wind protection, and ease of access when selecting the placement.

Choosing the Right Size

  1. Capacity: Hot tubs come in various sizes to accommodate different numbers of occupants. Consider how many people will typically use the hot tub at once and choose a size that comfortably accommodates your needs.
  2. Seating Configuration: Determine whether you prefer a hot tub with lounge seating, bench seating, or a combination of both. Lounge seats provide full-body immersion and are ideal for relaxation, while bench seating offers versatility for socializing.
backyard hot tub

Exploring Features and Options

  1. Hydrotherapy Jets: Look for hot tubs equipped with hydrotherapy jets that target specific muscle groups for relaxation and rejuvenation. Consider the number and placement of jets to ensure optimal coverage and customization options.
  2. Water Filtration: Opt for hot tubs with advanced water filtration systems that help maintain clean and clear water quality. Features such as UV-C sanitation, ozone purification, and multi-stage filtration can help keep your spa water pristine with minimal maintenance.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Choose hot tub models with energy-efficient components such as insulation, pumps, and heaters to reduce operating costs and minimize environmental impact. Look for spas with high R-value insulation and energy-efficient circulation pumps for optimal efficiency.

Sundance Spa Models for Your Backyard

  1. Sundance Maxxus®: With spacious seating for up to seven adults, the Sundance Maxxus® offers a luxurious retreat for relaxation and entertainment. Featuring a variety of hydrotherapy jets, ergonomic seating, and advanced water care systems, the Maxxus® delivers an unparalleled spa experience.
  2. Sundance Altamar®: The Sundance Altamar® combines elegant design with powerful performance to create a backyard oasis that soothes and rejuvenates. With seating for up to six adults, this spa features specialized jets, intuitive controls, and advanced filtration for a premium spa experience.

Selecting the perfect hot tub for your backyard involves careful consideration of factors such as size, features, and aesthetics. By assessing your space, choosing the right size and exploring available features, you can create a backyard retreat that meets your needs and enhances your lifestyle. With Sundance® spas, you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation and therapeutic benefits right in the comfort of your own backyard.