WISH for OUR HEROES is a nonprofit foundation that assists U.S. soldiers, veterans, and their families with basic needs like food and clothing, as well as vacations and spas to help them reconnect after deployment. Supporting WISH for OUR HEROES is the perfect fit for Sundance® Spas, helping generations of families come together and giving back to those who give so much.

We find purpose in helping people reconnect, recover, and restore their spirit. So we’ve joined with WISH for OUR HEROES to help military families do those same things. Discover how soaking in a Sundance® spa is boosting the quality of life for these three veterans and their families.

Indy 500

We teamed up with WISH for OUR HEROES at the Indy 500 to help raise more than $1,500 for the organization through a spa handprint fundraiser.

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Operation Appreciation

When her husband was first deployed with the Army National Guard, Beth Waters’ world turned upside down. Though she was unsure how to navigate her new life or where to find the information and assistance she needed, she soon realized her situation was not uncommon.

So in 2010, she started Operation Appreciation—a much-needed resource for National Guard and Reserve members across all military branches, as well as veterans and their families. The nonprofit is committed to supporting citizen soldiers and their families in every way possible, including training and education, emergency assistance, fundraising, and even a cabin retreat that offers the healing power of hydrotherapy.

Red, White & Bear

Sundance® Spas is a proud sponsor of Operation Appreciation’s Red, White & Bear, a cabin retreat where veterans can recover, reintegrate, and reconnect with their families.

Nestled in the beautiful North Georgia mountains, the cabin features four bedrooms, a full kitchen, a living room, wraparound porches, a screened porch, and a Sundance® spa on the terrace level. There is as much outdoor living space as there is indoor, giving military families the opportunity to enjoy nature as well as time in the spa, where tremendous physical and mental healing takes place.