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Hot Tub Planning

Buying a hot tub should be fun. And, when it comes to choosing a Sundance® spa, you’ll find that a little planning makes all the difference—both before and after purchase. 

Here are just a few things to consider to start your #SundanceLife right.


Portable spas simply require electricity and a level, solid foundation.

Although some Sundance® spa models can be plugged into a 120V AC outlet, most will require a hard-wired electrical connection for power. Power lines can be buried underground so you won’t have unsightly cords running through your backyard.

The foundation should be concrete, concrete squares or a sturdy patio. It's important that the foundation can sustain hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds without shifting. A foundation that moves at all can seriously damage your spa.

Once your hot tub has been installed, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of spa life. But if you want to get even more out of your new spa, keep planning. After all, your backyard getaway goes beyond the confines of the hot tub. Why not plan the area surrounding your spa for optimal enjoyment?


To turn your backyard into an oasis, consider adding appropriate plants for maximum lushness. Summer annuals add to the ambience of your yard during the most popular season for hot tub use, and flowers like hibiscus, amaranth, and coleus add a pop of color.

During the rest of the year, choose perennials that will create a gorgeous sanctuary for your backyard escape. Coral bells are colorful and can survive even the harshest winters, while sedum varieties are easy to grow, are great for new gardeners, and come in beautiful shades like red and gold. You can also add topiaries for a whimsical touch. Find out which plants will work best for your backyard oasis.


All Sundance® spas are equipped with adjustable LED lighting designed for both utility and style. Still, you’ll want to choose lighting for your entire space, not just the spa itself. Here, you have a variety of choices. You can place twinkle lights across your fence, install Tiki torches for an island feel, or hang lanterns throughout the yard for a magical look.

You’ll also want to plan seating near the spa for guests who won’t be going in the hot tub or those who want a break. Make the seating area close enough so they can still join in the conversation. Storage benches can double as seating when topped with pillows, and pergolas with built-in benches piled with pillows also work well. And if you plan to build a bar into the area, consider placing bar stools close to the hot tub so guests can converse while enjoying their beverages.


When creating your backyard retreat, you’ll want to plan the ideal atmosphere. This can be done easily with some simple additions. Consider music to create the ideal vibe. Sure, you can connect your smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker, but for total immersion in your mood music, consider an audio setup with waterproof or in-ground speakers.

One popular accessory for Sundance® spas is the BLUEWAVE® Stereo System. It features speakers built right into the spa, along with premium audio quality. Some models even allow you to control the sound through a spa control panel.

Many spa lifestyle enthusiasts also enjoy a fire pit near the hot tub. A fire pit gives your backyard a dramatic edge and serves as the perfect place to gather and talk post-soak. The key to quality time is conversation, and a centerpiece—such as a chimera, fire pit, or fireplace—gives you and your family the perfect place to gather.

Another striking choice is the addition of water features, such as a custom backyard waterfall, if space permits. The sound of the moving water will soothe you and enhance your spa-time relaxation. If you don’t have space for a waterfall, consider a simple but elegant fountain.

To create a true retreat, make sure you plan for privacy. Screens work well in smaller places, while latticework and wood-slat fencing add a permanent boundary, secluding you from the stressors of the outside world. If you want something a bit more temporary, simple wooden fence posts draped in sheer fabric create a magical—and removable—border for your sanctuary.

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