Family Spa Safety - Refresher for Families

Use Your Senses for Spa Water Care


Having a hot tub is enjoyable for the entire family, but it’s important to use it safely. Here are some sensible spa safety rules for your family to follow to prevent potential accidents or injuries.

Watch the Time and the Temperature

Make sure your family follows guidelines for how long to use the hot tub and what temperature the water should be. Those guidelines vary by age. For adults and teens, experts recommend you don’t stay in hot tub longer than 15 to 30 minutes at any one time and that you keep the water temperature between 100°F to 102°F. For youngsters in the family—those under the age of 10—hot tub time should be limited to no more than 5 or 10 minutes per session with the water temperature no higher than 95°F.

Make sure your body temperature returns to normal before re-entering the spa. You should stay hydrated by drinking some water between hot tub sessions. It’s also advisable that adults avoid alcohol when using a hot tub, since hot water exacerbates the effects of alcohol and alcohol can lead to increased dehydration.

Be Safe Around the Hot Tub

Being safe means no running or rough-housing in the vicinity of the hot tub. It’s far too easy to trip and fall. Also, keep glassware and electronics away from the area. Certainly, broken glass will be a hazard to bare feet—and if you accidentally dunk your smartphone or tablet in the water, it will likely be a goner.

Be Safe Inside the Hot Tub

In the hot tub, stress to family members that they must stay seated at all times and should not submerge their heads under the water. Instruct everyone to stay away from the drain—the last thing you want is for someone’s hair, jewelry, hands, or feet to become entangled in the drain cover.

If someone begins to feel unwell—lightheaded, fatigued, or overheated, for instance—make sure they exit the hot tub. Have them drink water and cool down by going into an air-conditioned setting or by applying cold compresses to their skin. See how the cold storage decks on 980™ Series models offer additional seating so you can cool off without missing out on the fun.

Supervise Children in Hot Tub

Parents should supervise young children at all times when using the hot tub. If you have teens whom you permit to use the hot tub on their own, show them how to turn the power off in the event of an emergency. Also, know how to safeguard your hot tub when you are not using it. Have the cover securely fastened anytime the hot tub is not in use. Also, have a lockable gate system to keep unsupervised children from exploring the spa area on their own.

The time your family spends in the hot tub together can be truly enjoyable. Just make sure you put a priority on safety so as not to spoil the fun.