Enhance Your Spa Experience: Using Your Senses for Water Care

Ensuring your spa remains a delightful retreat for years begins with proper water care. Don’t fret if you're not a spa expert – your senses, like sight, smell, and touch, can guide you to maintain crystal-clear water all year round. Harnessing these senses along with our simple troubleshooting tips will pave the way for clean, inviting water, enabling you to cherish the profound moments your hot tub offers. Here's how to use your senses to diagnose various water symptoms.

Spa water care

Sight: Cloudy Water

When your water appears cloudy or lacks clarity, trust your keen eyesight. Often, murky water can result from filtration issues. Ensure your filter is clean, properly inserted, and well-fitted – an improperly installed filter is a common yet overlooked cause of cloudy water. A swift filter cleaning or replacement typically resolves this concern, restoring your water's clarity.

Foam: Family Fun May Lead to Foamy Water

Frequent hot tub usage for relaxation or family entertainment may introduce lotions, oils, or soaps into your spa water, causing foam buildup. Products like Sundance® Spas Defoamer efficiently eliminate foam, restoring your water's purity. Alternatively, draining and refilling your spa can help. To prevent future foam, rinse off before entering the spa.

Smell: Detecting Abnormal Odors

Trust your sense of smell to detect unusual scents in seemingly clear water, indicating potential bacterial presence. Test the water using strips to check for imbalanced levels. Adding sanitizers like Sundance® Spas Chlorinating Granules or Brominating tablets can resolve this issue, confirmed by a retest resulting in odor-free water – a sign of optimal conditions.

Skin and Eye Irritation: Chemical Adjustment Needed

Red, stinging eyes or skin irritation post-soak indicates imbalanced water chemicals, particularly excess chlorine. Test the water and adjust sanitizer levels by adding Sundance® Spas shock oxidizer, ensuring crystal-clear water and relief for your skin and eyes.

Green Water: Algae Alert

Green water, not from your spa lighting, hints at algae growth due to high pH levels or insufficient sanitizer. Balancing pH with Sundance® Spas pH/Alkalinity products and chlorinating granules typically resolves this issue.

With water care simplified, revel in the relaxation your backyard sanctuary provides. Explore our inspirational installation gallery to elevate your backyard bliss.