Transforming Your Backyard with a Sundance® Spa: Planning Essentials

Purchasing a Sundance® spa is an exciting venture, but planning ahead can significantly enhance your experience—from the initial setup to creating a captivating oasis around your new relaxation haven. Here's what to consider to kickstart your #SundanceLife the right way.

Preparing for Installation

For portable spas, ensuring a seamless installation involves having access to electricity and a solid, level foundation. While some Sundance® spa models can use a standard 120V AC outlet, most require a dedicated electrical connection. Opt for underground power lines to maintain a clutter-free backyard aesthetic.

Your spa's foundation, whether concrete, concrete squares, or a robust patio, must support considerable weight without shifting. Even the slightest movement can potentially damage your spa, emphasizing the importance of a stable base.

Once installed, your hot tub becomes your personal sanctuary. But to amplify your spa experience, consider extending your planning efforts beyond the tub itself. After all, your outdoor retreat encompasses more than just the spa. Why not design the surrounding area for ultimate enjoyment?

Backyard spa oasis

Crafting Your Oasis

Elevate your backyard into an oasis by strategically incorporating lush greenery. Choose summer annuals like hibiscus, amaranth, or coleus to complement the hot tub ambiance during peak usage seasons. For year-round allure, opt for resilient perennials such as coral bells or sedum varieties, adding vibrancy even through harsh weather conditions. Consider topiaries for an extra touch of whimsy and explore plant options best suited for your oasis.

Lighting and Seating Arrangements

While Sundance® spas come equipped with adjustable LED lighting, extending your lighting scheme to the entire space is essential. Enhance the atmosphere by incorporating twinkle lights, Tiki torches, or hanging lanterns across the yard for a magical ambiance.

Plan seating areas adjacent to the spa for guests not using the tub or those seeking a break. Utilize storage benches or pergolas with built-in seating, adorned with cushions for comfort. If a bar is part of your plan, strategically position bar stools near the hot tub for seamless interaction while enjoying beverages.

Creating the Ideal Scene

Curate the ideal atmosphere for your backyard escapes with thoughtful additions. Set the mood with music; consider audio setups with waterproof speakers or systems like the BLUEWAVE® Stereo System for an immersive experience.

A fire pit near the hot tub adds drama and serves as a focal point for post-soak conversations. Water features, like a backyard waterfall or elegant fountain if space allows, create a serene backdrop enhancing your relaxation. Ensure privacy with screens, latticework, or fabric-draped fencing to create a secluded sanctuary.