The Truth Behind 3 Common Spa Care Myths

Maintaining a hot tub isn't as intimidating as it may seem. In fact, managing your spa's water care can be as simple as dedicating a mere 10 minutes each week. To debunk some common misunderstandings about spa maintenance, let's delve into the reality behind three prevailing spa care myths.

Spa maintenance

Myth 1: Water Balancing Requires a Chemistry Degree

✖ False: Contrary to popular belief, achieving a balanced hot tub is not a complex science. It merely involves a few minutes of your time each week. Use test strips to check pH, Alkalinity, Calcium, and your chosen sanitizer (be it Chlorine or Bromine). Then, refer to your owner’s manual to adjust levels by adding the appropriate amount of each product. It's a straightforward process that doesn’t demand expertise in chemistry.

Myth 2: Spa Filter Maintenance is Messy, Difficult, and Costly

✖ False: Don't let misconceptions mislead you. Sundance® spas are meticulously designed for easy access to your hot tub filter. Simply rinse and clean your filters monthly with a garden hose or a filter flosser. Replace them every three months or if visible wear and tear are evident. It's a hassle-free process that requires minimal effort and comes at a low cost.

Myth 3: Frequent Spa Drainage and Refills are a Must

✖ False: Contrary to the belief that spas need frequent draining and refilling, average spa usage recommends water changes only once every 3-6 months. Watch for indicators such as difficulty in balancing chemicals to determine when it's time for a water change.

Sundance® Spas are designed to simplify water care, allowing you to indulge more in the #SundanceLife with your loved ones. Whether it’s unwinding, fostering family connections, or finding relief from stress and discomfort, you'll quickly realize the invaluable essence of a hot tub in your life. Discover more hassle-free tips for maintaining your hot tub’s water quality now.