Planning a visit to a Sundance Spa®

Planning a visit to a Sundance Spa® hot tub store is an exciting journey towards enhancing your home and lifestyle. This guide will help you prepare for your visit, ensuring it is as informative and enjoyable as possible.

Before Your Visit

  • Measure Your Space: Determine where you want to install the hot tub and measure the area. This will help in selecting a hot tub that fits your space perfectly.
  • Schedule a Wet Test: Consider scheduling a wet test to experience different hot tub models firsthand. This is a great way to feel the different jet configurations and seating layouts.
  • Purpose of the Hot Tub: Reflect on who will be using the hot tub and for what purpose. Whether it's for relaxation, muscle pain relief, entertainment, family time, mental well-being, stress reduction, or improving sleep, understanding your needs will guide your decision.
  • Research: Review the Sundance Spa product line and familiarize yourself with the various models and features available.
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Questions to Ask at the Store

  1. Model-Specific Information: Ask about seating capacity, jet types, energy efficiency, and warranties.
  2. Installation and Maintenance: Discuss the installation process, maintenance requirements, and lifespan.
  3. Customization Options: Inquire about colors, lighting, and additional features.
  4. Pricing and Financing: Understand the costs, payment plans, and financing options.
  5. Water Care and Maintenance: Learn about the water care systems, including filtration, sanitation, and ease of maintenance.

Key Things to Pay Attention To

  • Quality and Durability: Assess the build quality and materials.
  • Energy Efficiency: Ask about electricity consumption and eco-friendly features.
  • Customer Service: Evaluate the knowledge and helpfulness of the store staff.

After Your Visit

  • Reflect on your visit, compare the hot tubs against your requirements and budget, and consider any additional information or follow-up visits you may need.

Visiting a Sundance Spa® hot tub store is a vital step in choosing the right spa for you. By preparing adequately, asking insightful questions, and paying attention to important details, you can make an informed and satisfying purchase decision.