Discovering the Perfect Spas for Socializing and Gatherings

Once you envision being the proud owner of a new Sundance® spa, what excites you the most? For many, it's the prospect of spending quality time with friends and family. Notably, research underlines the health benefits of socializing, improving brain health, bolstering the immune system, and potentially contributing to a longer life. It's time to explore hot tub seating configurations and elevate your social gatherings.

Key Factors to Consider:

When scouting for a spa tailored to social events, prioritize open layouts and hot tub sizes offering ample seating options. Varied seat heights accommodate individuals of all ages, ensuring everyone enjoys comfortable moments in the tub.

Our 6+ seat hot tubs are designed to accommodate everyone while boasting exciting features. Take the 980™ Series, for instance, equipped with expansive seating, a lounge deck for extra space, and a built-in SunCooler™ cold storage area within arm's reach. Exterior lighting and stylish touches effortlessly blend with any setting, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Sundance® spa

Exploring Seating Varieties:

Consider the Aspen® model, offering diverse seating options for up to eight adults. With the most Fluidix® jet variety among our spas and bench seating, this model, complete with illuminated grab bars, ensures easy spa access for all, making it a true crowd-pleaser.

Our 4-5 seat hot tubs cater perfectly to small families and couples seeking cozy yet luxurious experiences. The popular Marin® spa features versatile seating options and a user-friendly low profile for easy entry. Unwind in the lounge area while relishing a full-body massage, allowing you and your partner to stargaze side-by-side.

Remember, regardless of the spa's size, it can be your personal sanctuary. Larger spas facilitate fantastic hot tub gatherings while also serving as a haven for serene solitary retreats or intimate conversations. Whatever social events you have in mind, we have the perfect spa for you. Visit your local dealer and gear up for evenings of relaxation with your partner or weekends filled with family gatherings. Your backyard is poised to become the ultimate getaway.