User Guide: Maximizing Your Experience with Fluidix® Jets

Fluidix® jets are designed to offer a superior hydrotherapy experience with adjustable settings and minimal maintenance requirements. This comprehensive guide will help you maximize your experience with Fluidix® jets, focusing on settings and customization, maintenance tips, and troubleshooting common issues.

Settings and Customization

Understanding Fluidix® Jets

Fluidix® jets are unique in their design, utilizing fluid dynamics to create a variety of massage effects without relying on bearings or other moving parts. This design ensures a more reliable and customizable massage experience.

Adjusting the Jets

Directional Control:

  • Fluidix® jets can be adjusted to direct the water flow to specific areas of your body. Simply rotate the jet to change the direction of the water stream.
  • This feature allows you to target sore muscles or specific body parts that need more attention.

Pressure Adjustment:

  • The intensity of the water flow can be adjusted by turning the jet face. Turn it clockwise to increase the pressure and counterclockwise to decrease it.
  • Adjusting the pressure lets you customize the massage intensity to your preference, whether you need a gentle touch or a deep tissue massage.

Massage Modes:

  • Fluidix® jets offer different massage modes, such as pulsating, oscillating, and steady streams. Experiment with these modes to find the one that best suits your relaxation or therapeutic needs.
  • Switching between modes can be done by adjusting the jet settings or using the control panel on your hot tub.

Creating a Personalized Experience

Combine Settings:

  • Mix and match different jets and settings to create a customized hydrotherapy session. For example, use high-pressure jets on your back while using a gentler setting on your legs.
  • Personalize each session based on your needs, whether you’re seeking relaxation, muscle recovery, or stress relief.

Use Pre-Programmed Routines:

  • Some hot tubs come with pre-programmed routines that optimize the jets for different types of massages. Explore these routines to discover new ways to enjoy your hot tub.
  • Utilize the control panel to select and start these routines, ensuring an effortless experience.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your Fluidix® jets is crucial for ensuring long-term performance and enjoyment. Here are some practical tips for keeping your jets in top condition:

Regular Cleaning

Weekly Rinse:

  • Remove the jets and rinse them with a garden hose to clear away any debris or buildup. This simple step can prevent clogging and maintain water flow.
  • Rinsing the jets weekly helps keep them clean and functional, reducing the need for more intensive cleaning.

Monthly Deep Clean:

  • Soak the jets in a solution of water and hot tub filter cleaner for a few hours. This helps dissolve any mineral deposits or stubborn grime.
  • After soaking, use a soft brush to scrub away any remaining residue, ensuring the jets are thoroughly cleaned.

Inspect for Damage:

  • Regularly check the jets for any signs of wear or damage. Replace any damaged parts promptly to prevent further issues.
  • Inspecting the jets ensures they are in good condition and performing optimally.
jet hot tub

Water Quality Maintenance

Balance Chemicals:

  • Maintain the correct balance of chemicals in your hot tub water. Imbalanced water can cause scaling and damage to the jets.
  • Regularly test the water and adjust the chemical levels as needed to maintain a healthy balance.

Filter Maintenance:

  • Clean or replace your hot tub filters regularly to ensure proper water circulation and filtration. Dirty filters can reduce water flow and strain the jets.
  • Keeping the filters clean helps maintain the overall health of your hot tub system.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Despite their durability, Fluidix® jets can occasionally encounter issues. Here are some common problems and how to resolve them:

Reduced Water Flow

Clogged Jets:

  • If you notice reduced water flow, check the jets for clogs. Remove the jets and rinse them thoroughly to clear any debris.
  • Regular cleaning can prevent clogs and maintain optimal water flow.

Dirty Filters:

  • Dirty filters can restrict water flow to the jets. Clean or replace the filters to restore proper circulation.
  • Ensuring the filters are clean can improve the performance of the jets.

Unusual Noises

Air Bubbles:

  • Air trapped in the jets can cause unusual noises. To fix this, turn off the jets and allow the air to escape. Once the air is released, turn the jets back on.
  • Addressing air bubbles can eliminate noise and improve the jets' operation.

Loose Components:

  • Check for any loose parts or connections. Tighten any loose components to reduce noise and ensure proper operation.
  • Regularly inspecting the components can prevent noise issues and maintain the jets' functionality.

Jets Not Working

Power Supply:

  • Ensure that your hot tub is receiving power and that the control panel is functioning correctly. Reset the breaker if necessary.
  • Verifying the power supply can resolve issues with non-working jets.

Pump Issues:

  • The hot tub jet pump might be malfunctioning. Check the pump for any issues and consult your hot tub manual for troubleshooting steps.
  • Addressing pump issues can restore the functionality of the jets.

Maintenance Checklist


  • Rinse jets with a garden hose.
  • Check water chemical balance.
  • Inspect for any visible damage.


  • Deep clean jets with a filter cleaner solution.
  • Clean or replace hot tub filters.
  • Check and tighten any loose components.


  • Perform a thorough inspection of all jets and replace any worn-out parts.
  • Service the hot tub jet pump to ensure it’s in good working condition.
  • Review the hot tub manual for any additional maintenance tasks recommended by the manufacturer.

Extending the Lifespan of Fluidix® Jets

Regular Use:

  • Regular use of your hot tub helps keep the jets in good condition by preventing buildup and ensuring proper water flow.
  • Enjoying your hot tub frequently can contribute to the jets' longevity.

Protect from Elements:

  • If your hot tub is outdoors, use a cover to protect it from the elements. This helps prevent debris from entering the water and clogging the jets.
  • Using a cover can protect your hot tub and maintain the jets' performance.

Professional Servicing:

  • Schedule regular servicing with a professional to check and maintain all components of your hot tub, including the Fluidix® jets.
  • Professional servicing ensures that your hot tub and jets are in optimal condition.


Maximizing your experience with Fluidix® jets involves understanding their settings and customization options, maintaining them properly, and troubleshooting any issues that arise. By following this comprehensive guide, you can ensure that your portable hot tub with jets provides a relaxing and therapeutic experience for years to come.

Investing in a jetted hot tub with Fluidix® jets offers numerous benefits, from customizable massage settings to low maintenance requirements. Whether you have a portable hot tub or a more permanent setup, these tips will help you get the most out of your jet hot tub experience. Enjoy the superior performance and convenience of Fluidix® jets and elevate your relaxation and wellness routine.