Integration of Fluidix® Jets in Sundance® Spas

Seamless Integration

Fluidix® jets are seamlessly integrated into a variety of Sundance® Spa models, providing a consistent and high-quality hydrotherapy experience across the product line. The integration process ensures that each jet is optimally placed to deliver maximum therapeutic benefits.

Advanced Design

The bearing-free design of Fluidix® jets reduces the number of moving parts, enhancing durability and minimizing maintenance requirements. This design also allows for greater adjustability and customization, catering to different user preferences.

Model Highlights: Sundance® Spas Featuring Fluidix® Jets

Sundance® Cameo® Spa

  • Description: The Cameo® spa features a combination of Fluidix® Nex™ and Fluidix® ST™ jets, providing deep tissue and soothing wave massages.
  • Unique Configurations: With up to 54 jets, the Cameo® spa offers a comprehensive hydrotherapy experience, targeting various muscle groups for maximum relaxation.

Sundance® Optima® Spa

  • Description: The Optima® spa includes Fluidix® Reflex™ and Fluidix® Intelli-Jet™ jets, offering reflexology benefits and customizable massage settings.
  • Unique Configurations: This model features 47 jets strategically placed to enhance circulation and provide a tailored massage experience.

Sundance® Marin® Spa

  • Description: The Marin® spa is equipped with Fluidix® Vortex™ and Fluidix® ST™ jets, delivering dynamic spiral motions and gentle oscillating massages.
  • Unique Configurations: With 35 jets, the Marin® spa is designed to offer a balanced mix of powerful and soothing massage options.

Sundance® Dover™ Spa

  • Description: The Dover™ spa is perfect for smaller spaces, featuring Fluidix® jets that provide an effective hydrotherapy experience in a 2-person jetted hot tub format.
  • Unique Configurations: Compact yet powerful, the Dover™ spa includes 23 jets to ensure a relaxing and therapeutic session.
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User Testimonials: Experiences with Fluidix® Jets

John S. from California:

"The Fluidix® jets in my Sundance® Optima® spa have completely transformed my relaxation routine. The adjustability and variety of massage options are unparalleled. It's like having a personal masseuse at home."

Lisa M. from Texas:

"I love the deep tissue massage provided by the Fluidix® Nex™ jets in my Cameo® spa. The jets are powerful yet gentle, and the lack of bearings means I don't have to worry about frequent maintenance."

David R. from Florida:

"The customizable settings on the Fluidix® Intelli-Jet™ in my Sundance® Marin® spa are fantastic. I can easily switch between a soothing wave massage and a more intense deep tissue massage, depending on my needs."

Enhanced Satisfaction

Users consistently highlight the superior hydrotherapy experience provided by Fluidix® jets, noting the ease of maintenance, durability, and variety of massage options as key benefits. The integration of these jets into Sundance® Spas models ensures a high level of user satisfaction and long-term performance.

Maintenance Tips for Fluidix® Jets

Regular Cleaning

Weekly Rinse:

  • Remove the jets and rinse them with a garden hose to clear away any debris or buildup.

Monthly Deep Clean:

  • Soak the jets in a solution of water and hot tub jet cleaner to dissolve any mineral deposits.
  • Use a soft brush to scrub away any remaining residue.

Replacement Parts

Inspect Regularly:

  • Check the jets for any signs of wear or damage. Replace any worn-out parts promptly to maintain optimal performance.

Use Genuine Parts:

  • Use genuine Sundance® hot tub jet replacement parts and hot tub jet kits to ensure compatibility and longevity.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Do Hot Tub Jets Turn Off Automatically?

In many modern hot tubs, including those with Fluidix® jets, the jets are designed to turn off automatically after a set period to conserve energy and prevent overheating.

Addressing Reduced Water Flow

Check Filters:

  • Ensure the filters are clean and not clogged. Dirty filters can restrict water flow to the jets.

Clean Jets:

  • Regularly clean the jets to remove any debris or buildup that might impede water flow.

Replacing Worn Parts

Identify Issues:

  • If the jets are not functioning properly, inspect for worn or damaged parts.

Replace Promptly:

  • Use Sundance® hot tub jet parts and hot tub jet kits to replace any faulty components and restore full functionality.


Fluidix® jets in Sundance® Spas offer a unique and superior hydrotherapy experience. Their advanced design, seamless integration, and customizable settings make them a standout feature in modern hot tubs. By maintaining and customizing your Fluidix® jets, you can maximize your relaxation and therapeutic benefits. User testimonials highlight the positive impact these jets have on their spa experiences, making Sundance® Spas an excellent choice for those seeking the best in hot tub technology.