980™ Series

980™ Series

Starting at $19,400

Founded upon the elements you love from your favorite Sundance® spas and Laced with the quintessence of design and style, the 980™ Series will change the way you connect, relax and use your spa.

Sundance® Spas can help you feel amazing from head to toe, and the benefits don't stop there. Experience one for yourself!

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those who want...

Interior Lighting

Interior Lighting

Spacious seats are highlighted by the even glow of LED lighting for beauty and safety

Geometric Cabinetry

Geometric Cabinetry

Crisp, rhythmic texture of the exterior cabinetry highlighted by corner lighting combines classic beauty and modern form

Advanced Control

Advanced Control

Glass i-Touch Control with smart device functionality makes it even easier to use and enjoy your spa day or night

Additional Seating

Additional Seating and Convenience

A low profile, flat top rail and lounge deck offer more places to sit and socialize. SunCooler™ cold storage areas, integrated into the lounge deck, feature removable lid for easy fill, pump-assisted drain* and an internal light* for use day or night

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Helpful Info

A common misconception about spa size is that you’re limited to models with less seating options when yard space is limited. The good news is that a spa with more massage combinations requires only a slightly larger footprint; sometimes a matter of only a few inches.

Like taking a car for a test drive, sinking into a warm, bubbly spa is the best way to see if the model you’re considering is too deep or if you float out of the seats with the jets on. But, sitting in a dry spa can be beneficial, too. You can tackle a lot of critical questions like these when relaxing in a “wet test.”

Spas can be used year-round, adjusted for heat for cooler temperatures or allowed to cool for warmer months, do not require access to gas, and only need access to electricity and a water source such as a hose.

Most spa installations are standard and easy. Consult with your dealer to see if a site visit is necessary.

Explore warranty coverage information based on your spa model.