Use Your Senses for Spa Water Care

Use Your Senses for Spa Water Care


The key to keeping your spa running for years to come starts with proper water care. But, you don’t have to be a spa guru to keep your water crystal clear and ready for year-round spa use. Using your senses – like sight, smell, and touch – and our easy troubleshooting tips, you will be on your way to clean water and focusing on the meaningful moments your hot tub will bring. Here are some symptoms you can use your senses to diagnose.

Cloudy Water

Your keen eye sight can be a key ally, especially when your water looks cloudy or not completely clear. Filtration could be the culprit to muggy water, which is a simple fix. You’ll just need to clean or replace your filter and that it is properly inserted; a mis-fitted filter is an often-overlooked cause for cloudy water.


Using your hot tub to relax, have #familyfuntime, or entertain, there’s a good chance that products such as lotions, oils, or soaps are lingering in your spa water. In high concentrations, these products cause foaming. But, conquering foamy water is a snap with products like Sundance® Spas Defoamer; it will clear your water right up. Or, it may be time to drain and refill your spa. To minimize water foam in the future, simply rinse off before taking a soak.

Smelly Water

With your sense of smell you can quickly tell when an off-putting scent is indicating an issue with your water, even when your water looks good to go.. An abnormal odor from your spa water can indicate that there is bacteria present in your water.  Start by testing the water using test strips and look for levels that are out of balance. You may need to add a sanitizer, like Sundance® Spas Chlorinating Granules or Brominating tablets. A quick retest of your water should confirm what your nose knows; odor-free water usually means your water is in winning condition.

Eye and Skin Irritation

Although you’re only soaking for 20 minutes at a time, if your spa session leaves you with red stinging eyes and irritated skin, this is a red flag that your water chemicals need to be adjusted. Your test strips will probably confirm that there is too much chlorine in the water, and can be remedied by adding Sundance® Spas shock oxidizer to adjust the levels of sanitizer in your water, leaving your water – and eyes and skin – crystal clear.

Green Water

Green water because you’ve chosen to turn on your green spa lighting: good. Green water when your lights are off: you might have a problem. Green water signals algae growth in water, usually caused by high pH levels or too low of a level of sanitizer in your spa water.  To balance your pH levels, use test strips then add either Sundance® Spas pH Up or Sundance® Spas Alkalinity Up or Sundance® pH/Alkalinity Down. Finish off by adding Sundance® Spa Chlorinating or Brominating Granules if necessary.

Now that water care is one less worry, you can focus on maximizing the relaxation your backyard can bring with our inspirational installation gallery.