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What to Grow in Your Hot Tub Planters

Tips for Backyard Color From Now Through Springtime

 What to Grow in Your Hot Tub PlantersFall is a favorite time of year to be outdoors as well as a good season for planting. Plants no longer have to endure the heat and dry weather of summer, and the planters around your spa don’t require as much work as a yard or garden. Just be sure your hot tub planters drain well before your add soil.

To create a welcome splash of color and drama in the spring, plant bulbs this fall. There can be a variety of bulbs in one container that will produce blooms at different times, all season long. You can also stagger bulbs in layers for a spring planter “arrangement” of flowers growing at differing heights.

For instant color, try these favorites in your hot tub planters:

• Coleus – So easy to grow, the purple-to-rust leaves of the coleus reflect the best of fall color and complement the natural shades of your Sundance® planters.

• Pyracantha – Their lovely red, orange or yellow berries will last a long time. You can also train pyracantha to grow on trellises near your spa (watch out for the thorns).

• Evergreens – Boxwood, juniper, wintergreen, and holly bring a welcome touch of green to your hot tub scene year round. These slow-growing shrubs are perfect for containers. They tolerate cold and snow, and can grow to dramatic heights. Or use multiple planters to create a “wall” of greenery for your hot tub.

With these brisk days and chilly nights, you’ll be drawn to the warmth of your hot tub. Make your hot tub setting even more beautiful with seasonal color, and your Sundance will also be visually inviting, all winter long.

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