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Taking the Waters

The History of Water Therapy Around the World

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You’ve probably heard the popular phrase, “taking the waters.” The term has long been used to describe the practice of using water therapy as a healing ritual. Taking the waters also calls to mind the centuries-old global tradition of people gathering at warm water springs and baths for social and cultural rituals.

Here at Sundance® Spas, we’re carrying on the long history of water therapy, including all its luxurious and entertaining aspects. The best part is that now the spa is right in your own backyard!

Bubbling warm water springs and pools go way back in history:

  • In 60 AD, Romans built the city of Bath, England around a bathhouse they had constructed on springs of hot water. The springs had been used for thousands of years by Celtics, who credited the healing waters to the powers of their goddess Sulis. The Romans then adopted this belief about their goddess Minerva.
  • Ancient Egyptians preferred their warm water therapy to be infused with flowers and herbs.
  • Greek and Indian cultures have long believed that water therapy is essential to optimal health.
  • In Japanese culture, Onsen, the Japanese bath where waters must come from a volcanic spring, is considered a respite from the pressures of day-to-day life and a Zen meditative experience. Sharing food is an integral part of the Onsen experience (kind of like a Sundance® backyard barbeque!). Sento, the communal bathhouse, uses ordinary hot water.
  • Other cultures with traditions of water therapy include Native Americans, Mexicans, Central Americans and countries such as Russia and Bulgaria, where the warm water baths are called “banyas.”

Luckily, today people are “taking the waters” and enjoying outdoor water therapy at home, in an environment that’s as lush or Spartan as they make it. You also have control over the temperature of the water, the type of massage coming from the “springs” or jets, and the seating.

Learn more about the best contemporary expression of taking the waters with Sundance® Spas:

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