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The Backyard Stress-Busting Machine: Your Spa

How a Sundance Spa Can Help You Avoid Health Problems Associated With Stress

SundanceSpas infographic The Backyard Stress Busting Machine: Your Spa

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We know that a lot of factors can influence how we handle stress; some are within our control and others are not. Almost anyone who is stretched to the limit by impossible-to-meet demands, or is facing an unexpected crisis, can find it challenging to manage the body’s physical response to stress. Symptoms can range from mild headaches to a gradual weakening of the body’s ability to fight disease.

Sundance Spas recommends using hot tub hydrotherapy to help combat the effects of stress. Hot tub hydrotherapy has three tremendous benefits that have been shown to promote wellbeing:

  1. it warms the body,
  2. provides a professional-type massage, and
  3. lifts the burden on joints and muscles through the water’s natural buoyancy.

Hydrotherapy loosens stiff muscles in the neck and shoulders to ease discomfort and improve your mobility. Letting go and relaxing in a Sundance spa revs up sluggish circulation to help speed the body’s healing process and renew your energy. If your joints are a problem, taking some weight off of them during a spa session can make it easier to move without pain.

In other words, Sundance hydrotherapy replenishes overworked, tense and tired bodies to bring them back into balance. And there’s no doubt that a body in balance is more resistant to the physical effects of stress. Used on a regular basis, Sundance hydrotherapy can fortify the body with regular doses of rejuvenation and calm.

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