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Studies Prove: Thinking About a Calm Place (Your Hot Tub) Can Ease Stress

Hot tub owners, you may not need to be sitting in your spa to enjoy its stress-reducing benefits. You only have to think about it!

A simple form of relaxation called “guided imagery” has been shown in more than 200 studies to help reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain, enhance sleep and help you feel more in control. Guided imagery is a traditional technique of focusing your imagination on calm, peaceful images (like spas and hot tubs) to experience a “mental escape.”

Apparently, daydreaming about soaking in a Sundance® Spas hot tub may help you more easily cope with daily frustrations and work demands. Studies have proven that the mind has powerful effects on the body. Visualizing yourself resting your head on the hot tub’s pillow, feeling the warm-water jets massaging your back and neck, without seeing or feeling the water, your brain is telling your body to relax.

Of course, there is no substitute for being at home, enjoying a hydrotherapeutic massage in your own Sundance® spa.

• Many of the benefits of guided imagery and hydrotherapy are the same – relaxation, relief of arthritis pain and insomnia, and improved circulation.

• A drawback of guided imagery: it takes practice, and it can be difficult to focus in some situations.

• Spas and hot tubs are easy – they take you on a mental and physical escape every time you’re in the warm, soothing water.

To learn more about guided imagery, we’ve listed some links below. To experience real Sundance® Spas relaxation, locate a dealer near you and ask about taking a “wet test.” You won’t have to think about de-stressing – it just happens!

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