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780™ Series Outdoor Hot Tubs

Outdoor Hot Tubs - the Spotlight of Backyards



Hydromassage for Pro Athletes and Amateur Exercisers

Positive Results for Our Bodies and Our Minds

hydromassage Whether you’re a professional athlete, a serious amateur, or the occasional exerciser, hydromassage offers proven benefits. Not until modern times, however, has hydromassage become so easily available to regular folks, thanks to the portable hot tub and spa industry. READ MORE >


Spa Filters: Time for a Change?

Why Use Only Genuine Sundance® Spa Filters

hot tub filter Spa Filters: Nearly every spa uses a filtration system to ensure clean water. However, spa filtration systems are not all the same; neither are all spa filters. You should be wary of generic spa replacement filters or imitations versus genuine Sundance spa filters. Non-genuine spa filters may be less expensive, but using a generic could end up being very costly in terms of both performance and overall value. Using non-genuine Sundance filters may also void your hot tub warranty. READ MORE >


Active Aging Week

September 25 - October 1, 2011

active aging week Active aging means living life as fully as possible. The best spas, like those made by Sundance, can promote health and wellness with hydrotherapy.  With a combination of high-performance jets and advanced seat designs, Sundance moves water in new ways, delivering the following positive hot tub benefits: READ MORE >


Nothing Like a Day at the Fair!

Visit Sundance dealer Jelly Belly's Pools and Spas at the Big E fair in beautiful West Springfield, MA

Fair runs through October 2, 2011 Sundance dealer at the Big E


The 680 Series Spas by Sundance

Small to Large Hot Tubs and Fun Hot Tub Shapes

Small hot tubs to large hot tubs - Sundance Spas creates a hot tub shape and size for every backyard. The 680 Series spas offer custom options, and come in a greater variety of shapes and sizes than you will find in almost any other spa line. READ MORE >


Hot Tub Collection – by Sundance

Enjoy the Video Highlighting Our Hot Tub Collection

Sundance produces a full line of affordable hot tubs that will fit your lifestyle and your budget. So how do you choose the right spa for you and your family? We categorized our vast selection of hot tubs into four series: READ MORE >


Hurry! Sales Event Ends Soon!

Receive Up to $1000 Off Select Models With Popular Upgrades!

Special financing available. Sale ends Monday, September 19, 2011.


Afraid You’ll Buy a Hot Tub and Will Never Use it?

Hot Tubs Become an Integral Part of Your Lifestyle

Sundance Spa Many people use their hot tubs in the evening, before bed. Hot tubs raise the body’s temperature for an extended period of time, producing cleansing and relaxing effects. The buoyancy of the water creates a sense of weightlessness, inviting restful sleep. Because spas relax you, relieve tired muscles and aching joints, and ready your body for sleep, they are excellent sleep aids. READ MORE >


Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Experience the Heat, Buoyancy and Massage

Water’s buoyancy reduces body weight, relieving pressure on joints and muscles. How much do you think body weight is reduced by due to water’s buoyancy? a) 100% b) 90% c) 50% d) 25% READ MORE >


Welcome Fall With an Inviting Soak and Savings

Receive Up to $1000 Off Select Models With Popular Upgrades!



Watch the “Ultimate Staycation” Video

Taste of New York TV Show Features Sundance Spas

This video is so enticing, with its shots of the Marin spa in the perfect backyard and underwater hydromassage scenes, that you might want to cancel your vacation, stay home, and relax with a nightly hot tub massage! The "Ultimate Staycation" video highlights the hydromassage trio of heat, buoyancy and massage, showing Sundance jets in action with the waterfall aglow. Video footage was featured last month on the Time Warner cable show, Taste of New York, a lifestyle show targeting active individuals, featuring health, home design, and more, reaching up to 3.8 million viewers. READ MORE >

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