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It’s National Hug Day!

We Asked: Who Did/Will You Hug?

National Hug Day READ MORE >


Hot Tub Dealers

Who Will You Choose To Buy Your Hot Tub From?

In a recent Facebook post, we asked our Facebook followers: “Hot tub shopping? What's the most important consideration? i.e. Quality, reputation of manufacturer, price, warranty, styles/sizes, other...” Not surprisingly, hot tub dealer was noted as a top consideration when spa shopping. “For me... your distributors are key to your success. The hot tub we bought from you, Johnson Pools out of Huntsville, AL. they have always fixed any issues we have had with your spa.” READ MORE >


Spa Features, Options, and Accessories

Quality Spa Features are the Hallmark of a Sundance® Spa

Spa Features Backlit waterfalls, cradling seats, highly-effective spa jets, and gently curved hand supports. Every need is anticipated, with features like lighted control panels and illuminated beverage holders. Decades of engineering expertise have gone into the systems that keep the water clean with minimal maintenance. And with fun and practical items like built-in stereos and exterior spa light options, plus a matching hot tub cover, you really can get exactly what you want in a Sundance spa. You can even opt for gleaming stainless steel trim for the spa jets on selected 780™ and 680™ Series models. READ MORE >


Hot Tub Installation Tips

Site, Pathway, and Electrical Preparation

Hot Tub Installation


SilentAir™ Injection – What is it?

Soothing Bubbles, Uplifting Massage!

SilentAir READ MORE >


Hot Tub Prices

It’s More About Value Than Cost

hot tub prices Quality spas are available in a wide range of prices. Just like cars, spa prices reflect features, materials and workmanship. Of course, we hope that as you are shopping you will consider a Sundance® spa. No matter which brand of spa you finally choose, we want you to be an informed consumer and find the right spa for your needs. READ MORE >


Hot Tub Installation: Will I Need to Install Plumbing and Electrical?

Will I Need to Install Plumbing and Electrical?

hot tub installationHot Tub Installation: You'll be glad to know that no plumbing is required! With both in-ground and portable above-ground hot tubs, just fill up the hot tub with a common garden hose. Do keep in mind that a hot tub filled with water is quite heavy, so a good, solid hot tub foundation is crucial for any hot tub installation. The area on which you install the hot tub rests must be able to support the weight of your hot tub, the water in it, and of course those who use it. If you are installing your hot tub on an elevated structure, it is recommended that you consult a contractor or structural engineer to find out specific hot tub requirements for decks. READ MORE >


Hot Tub Innovation & Design

High-Performance Spas That Exceed Expectations



Hot Tubs and Spas

Hot Tubs and Spas – What's the Difference?

hot tubs and spas I'd consider most hot tubs to be spas, but spas are definitely not always hot tubs. Spas can be a lot of things. Just try an Internet search for spas, and you’ll quickly see. READ MORE >


Hot Tubs Comparison: Shape

Compare Hot Tub Shapes Sundance Offers

There are three basic shapes Sundance offers. Which hot tub shape do you prefer? Standard (square or rectangular) corner or round? hot tubs comparison READ MORE >


Family Hot Tubs (& Friends!)

Hot Tubs – Your Source of Family Fun

 family hot tubs For ages, spas have been at the center of social life. Starting with Roman baths, communities have continued to gather and bask in the relaxation and entertainment that a spa can bring to daily life. A spa is an excellent way to break old routines and rejuvenate leisure activity by bringing together family and friends. READ MORE >


Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Helps Joints and Muscles

Relieve Joint Pain and Increase Flexibility with Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy Spas Millions of people worldwide suffer from some form of joint pain, with little guidance given to them other than to take pain relievers. A common cause of joint pain can be boiled down to inflexibility of the joints, muscle tightness or both. Whether you suffer from a chronic condition, such as arthritis, or temporary stiffness from sports, spending time in a hydrotherapy spa will work wonders in relieving tightness of the muscles and joints. Supplement a hot tub hydrotherapy massage with hot water stretching and start feeling the benefits in no time. READ MORE >

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