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The Backyard Stress-Busting Machine: Your Spa

How a Sundance Spa Can Help You Avoid Health Problems Associated With Stress

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We know that a lot of factors can influence how we handle stress; some are within our control and others are not. Almost anyone who is stretched to the limit by impossible-to-meet demands, or is facing an unexpected crisis, can find it challenging to manage the body's physical response to stress. Symptoms can range from mild headaches to a gradual weakening of the body's ability to fight disease. Sundance Spas recommends using hot tub hydrotherapy to help combat the effects of stress. Hot tub hydrotherapy has three tremendous benefits that have been shown to promote wellbeing:
  1. it warms the body,
  2. provides a professional-type massage, and
  3. lifts the burden on joints and muscles through the water's natural buoyancy.
Hydrotherapy loosens stiff muscles in the neck and shoulders to ease discomfort and improve your mobility. Letting go and relaxing in a Sundance spa revs up sluggish circulation to help speed the body's healing process and renew your energy. If your joints are a problem, taking some weight off of them during a spa session can make it easier to move without pain. In other words, Sundance hydrotherapy replenishes overworked, tense and tired bodies to bring them back into balance. And there's no doubt that a body in balance is more resistant to the physical effects of stress. Used on a regular basis, Sundance hydrotherapy can fortify the body with regular doses of rejuvenation and calm.



Behind the Scenes: Sundance Spas was invited into the home of this lovely Cameo spa installation. We captured video footage of these empty nesters using Sundance hydrotherapy to help facilitate their active lifestyles. "Health and fitness are important to Lisa and I. Over the years, we've noticed more aches and pains after exercise. Soaking in our Sundance spa helps round out the corners on soreness. We are able to remain active daily by incorporating hydrotherapy into our recovery routine." 598568_539783386033269_1559605236_n Soak in the morning to warm up the body before the day begins and slip into the spa before bed to facilitate a a solid night's sleep. 546656_539393806072227_276029377_n
William and Lisa enjoy waking up and enjoying a soak in the spa and a morning run before their work days begin.


Installation Inspiration

Looking for an idea for how to create your own hot tub installation? Here are several real-life examples of how Sundance owners have turned their backyards, decks and patios into beautifully enticing retreats. Check our Installation Inspiration album! 552605816747007315_GdzN9cs0_c


Seasonal Overload?

Try the 10-Minute Hot Tub Balancing Act

JacuzziAlthough I’m one of those who enjoys holiday shopping, family gatherings and all the traditions, I find myself waking up too early in the morning, worried about getting it all done. By afternoon I feel tired and wired at the same time. We’ve found that 10 minutes a day in the hot tub can do an amazing job of balancing body, mind and spirit. Here’s how: Stretch out in your Sundance® spa. Hot tub hydrotherapy is equivalent to the warm-up phase of a workout. Heat prepares tight muscles for stretching and loosens stiff joints. Stretching helps prevent muscle tightness, pain and even injury. It relaxes you, too. Use hydrotherapy to help you sleep. Studies show that hot-water immersion and hydro massage make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. Hot tub hydrotherapy works to improve circulation and reduce blood pressure. Both of these work to fight the body’s stress triggers, which can keep you up at night. Stimulate the body’s endorphins. Hot tub hydrotherapy promotes the production of a natural substance, endorphins, that make you feel better. Endorphins are responsible for the calm, almost euphoric sensation runners experience after a long distance run. They say the glowing feeling of being of love is caused by endorphins. We could all use an endorphin rush during the holidays, right? If the idea of taking a few minutes out of your day to relax in your Sundance spa seems impossible during December, think of the healthy benefits you’ll receive. And don’t forget how good you’ll feel during your hot tub time.


Serve Festively Refreshing Drinks This Season

What Are Your Guests Sipping On, In and Out of the Spa?

Here are some favorite festive spaside beverages our Facebook followers suggested:
  • Eggnog
Sparkling Water with a slice of lime
  • Vodka on the rocks
  • Wine, any kind
Holiday entertaining in your hot tub is one of the joys of the season. No get together would be complete without beverages for your guests to sip on both in and out of the hot tub. Provide a variety of drinks to appeal to all your guests as they soak, socialize and relax. There are plenty of festive hot beverages to choose from including the hot toddy, seasonal teas, egg nog and mulled cider. These are all great drinks to enjoy after a soak, when your body temperature has cooled down. But when soaking in warm water, there’s nothing like a cool beverage to whet your whistle and keep you feeling comfortable while providing hydration. For your upcoming holiday gathering that involves having guests soak in your spa, we recommend this chilled spiced toddy recipe. This is a twist from the traditional “toddy”, as it is non-alcoholic and served chilled, not hot. Spiced Apple Hot Tub Toddy To get the full flavor, it’s best to prepare this mulled cider recipe on the stove, and serve it slightly chilled. Ingredients- Serves 6
  • 6 cups apple cider
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 6 whole cloves
  • 6 whole allspice berries
  • Orange peel strips
  • Lemon peel strips
  • Cinnamon-flavored syrup
Directions: Bring apple cider and spices to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, cool to room temperature, and remove spices and lemon peel. Refrigerate or pour over ice, and add cinnamon-flavored syrup just before serving.  


Gratitude is a Healthy Habit

Thanksgiving – It’s Not Just the Food That Makes Us Feel Good

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? It’s long been known that expressing gratitude is good for your peace of mind and emotional wellbeing. A heartfelt “thank you” makes the receiver feel good, too. This year, new scientific studies show that people report associating gratitude with feeling more healthy and happy. According to researchers working together at the University of California, Davis, and the University of Miami, studies have also shown that gratitude can account for “greater alertness, enthusiasm and goal-attainment.” People with neuromuscular diseases who participated in gratitude exercises reported feeling more energetic and sleeping longer and better. The researchers called gratitude the “forgotten factor” in happiness research. The Mayo Clinic also says that positive thoughts and activities promote good feelings that lead to thankfulness – an attitude that becomes a habit. Eventually, people make better life choices and find their relationships are better. Gratitude seems to feed on itself in a good way! At Sundance Spas, we’re believers in anything positive that encourages wellbeing, more energy and enthusiasm, and better sleep. Research shows that hot tub hydrotherapy can promote these beneficial effects, as well. This Thanksgiving, let’s be grateful for learning how positive changes in our everyday routines – like being grateful – can enrich our lives. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


What to Grow in Your Hot Tub Planters

Tips for Backyard Color From Now Through Springtime

Fall is a favorite time of year to be outdoors as well as a good season for planting. Plants no longer have to endure the heat and dry weather of summer, and the planters around your spa don’t require as much work as a yard or garden. Just be sure your hot tub planters drain well before your add soil. To create a welcome splash of color and drama in the spring, plant bulbs this fall. There can be a variety of bulbs in one container that will produce blooms at different times, all season long. You can also stagger bulbs in layers for a spring planter “arrangement” of flowers growing at differing heights. For instant color, try these favorites in your hot tub planters: • Coleus – So easy to grow, the purple-to-rust leaves of the coleus reflect the best of fall color and complement the natural shades of your Sundance® planters. • Pyracantha – Their lovely red, orange or yellow berries will last a long time. You can also train pyracantha to grow on trellises near your spa (watch out for the thorns). • Evergreens – Boxwood, juniper, wintergreen, and holly bring a welcome touch of green to your hot tub scene year round. These slow-growing shrubs are perfect for containers. They tolerate cold and snow, and can grow to dramatic heights. Or use multiple planters to create a “wall” of greenery for your hot tub. With these brisk days and chilly nights, you’ll be drawn to the warmth of your hot tub. Make your hot tub setting even more beautiful with seasonal color, and your Sundance will also be visually inviting, all winter long. Submit your Sundance hot tub photos to [email protected]


Which Hot Tub is the Most Popular in the World?

7 Reasons Why One Sundance Model Outsells All Others

A Sundance Spas Facebook follower asks: "Why should I purchase a Sundance Optima™ Spa? What makes it the best value for my money?" GREAT question! The Optima is the best-selling model of any spa from any spa company in the world because it’s loaded with popular features, and priced for less than you would expect to pay for a spa of this quality.
      1. Style There are plenty of spas on the market that look similar to the Optima, but few have Optima’s sophistication. The fully adjustable AquaTerrace™ water feature and SunGlow™ lighting system let you select the water stream’s intensity and colored backlighting on a rotating spectrum or one-color setting. Enjoy YOUR music in your hot tub with an optional SunSurround™ Stereo System. Add music to your spa experience by playing tunes on the radio or an iPod. The watertight enclosure keeps your iPod safe while you listen to your favorite playlist. We also give you color options for the acrylic shell and SunStrong™ synthetic cabinetry, so you can mix and match to create the perfect look.
      2. Comfort Ergonomically designed seating allows you to stay in place while the jets run. By minimizing floating you can stay in the spa longer and maximize your hydrotherapeutic massage. The Sundance Optima also boasts a large and spacious footwell. People don’t typically consider the footwell until they have their first party and realize that the spa may have six seats but only enough room in the footwell for two people. Sundance also was the first spa manufacturer to recess jets in the spa shell. This adds comfort by not having the jets touch your back when sitting in the spa.
      3. Quality The Sundance quality processes include over 200 checkpoints that each spa undergoes during the manufacturing process. Each spa is tested with water twice during the process to ensure every spa that leaves our factory is ready to be delivered without any further testing.
      4. Warranty The Optima warranty includes 10-year structure, 7-year shell surface and 5-year electronics and plumbing and labor warranties, with no proration and no deductable. This gives you peace of mind. The synthetic base and a sealed bottom prevent moisture, prevent rot and decay due to the forces of Mother Nature, and keep rodents out of the equipment area.
      5. Energy Efficiency Full-foam insulation, EcoWrap and 3-layer Rigid Bond Shell keep operating costs low and the water warm. The most reliable spa shell in the industry, the three-layer process makes our shell eight times stronger than any ordinary spa shell.
      6. Pure Water The water management system consists of the Dynamic Flow pump, the MicroClean Plus filter, SlipStream Skimmer, SunPurity Mineral and CLEARRAY®. This entire system removes the smallest particles in the water to keep the water crystal clear, and easier to manage using fewer maintenance products. With our CLEARRAY unit and the entire system you will have the lowest amount of maintenance possible and more time to enjoy the spa.
      7. Patented Hydrotherapy Fluidix Technology in an Optima spa offers a wide variety of massages, from Shiatsu, Swedish and sports massage. All of the different massages are possible with use of Fluidix jets, which have no moving parts or ball bearings. There is nothing to wear out or break down, so you know that every time you enter your spa you will get a wonderful and reliable massage. The technology gives you the ability to make adjustments to water flow and pressure without interrupting anyone else in the spa by taking power away. In fact, our jets are so reliable that we offer a five-year warranty on the jet internals. There is not another manufacturer that even comes close to that kind of backing. With four different types of Fluidix jets in the Optima, you can move from seat to seat to experience all the massage types that are available.
To learn more about the Sundance Optima spa, visit your local hot tub dealer.  


3 Ways a Rigid Bond™ Hot Tub Shell Adds Value

Why Superior Quality Counts

The color, luster and graceful sculpting of the hot tub shell on a Sundance® spa makes a beautiful first impression. But there is much more to a Sundance hot tub shell than meets the eye. Our exclusive 3-layer Rigid Bond construction process adds durability, high performance, and superior heat retention capabilities to all of our hot tub shells. Rigid Bond is the only process that layers the acrylic surface material with three components: vinylester, polyester resins and a proprietary laminate. Without getting too technical, the vinylester resin provides lasting adhesion with the acrylic layer. The polyester resins are created from a proprietary blend that makes a Sundance hot tub shell eight times stronger than ordinary fiberglass-laminated shells. Rigid Bond construction is the reason why your hot tub shell performs so well through years of use and exposure. The acrylic layer that you see is built to last, retaining its color and sheen with very little maintenance. Energy efficiency is built into our hot tub shell construction, too.
  • Two types of foam are used to provide full-foam insulation. It completely fills the compartment between the shell and the skirt, helping to maintain water temperatures longer.
  • High-density, heat-resistant foam surrounds the equipment bay; lighter foam insulates elsewhere for an energy efficient hot tub.
  • The pairing of Rigid Bond and insulation conserves energy and helps you save money on heating costs.
When you're comparing the value of hot tub brands, it pays to look at the way a spa shell is put together. Rugged durability, superior performance and energy efficient properties are three areas where Sundance Spas' Rigid Bond beats the competition.


Hot Tub Collections – by Sundance

A Vast Selection of Spas Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle and Budget

Every Sundance® spa is designed to provide the best hydrotherapy a spa can deliver, with reliable performance and the newest features. And at Sundance, quality and value go together. Sundance produces a full line of affordable hot tubs that will fit your lifestyle and your budget. So how do you choose the right spa for you and your family? We categorized our vast selection of hot tubs into four series: 880™ Series Spas: Luxury Hot Tubs The 880™ Series hot tubs define the luxury spa category by virtue of their style and advanced performance. Luxury spas should fulfill your vision of a dream backyard, and then some – and these do. Beautiful, built with smart technology, and feature-rich, each 880 Series luxury spa makes it possible for you to experience the best in home hydrotherapy. Select™ Series Spas: Energy Efficiency And Bold Design Breakthrough in Hot Tub Design.  Sundance introduces energy-efficient spas, with low operating costs. Improved hydrotherapy and modern design sets these green hot tubs apart, too. Standard details include dusk-sensing exterior lights, a sleek control panel and extra-comfy pillows. Discover more about the new energy-saving, lifestyle-enhancing Select Series luxury spas. Find your local Sundance Spas dealer. The 780™ Series Spas: Outdoor Hot Tubs Inspire A Lifestyle The 780™ Series outdoor hot tubs hit the sweet spot between entertainment center and meditative garden retreat. Designed with natural colors and clean styling, these easy-to-maintain outdoor spas can form the basis of a no-hassle lifestyle. Each one is built in the best Sundance tradition of reliability and high performance, so all you have to do is relax, host a party, or let the jets work on those sore muscles and joints. 680™ Series Spas: All Sizes, Fun Shapes and Custom Options Small hot tubs to large hot tubs – Sundance Spas creates a hot tub shape and size for every backyard. With its smartly designed triangular shape, the Tacoma is a standout among small hot tubs because it fits practically anywhere. It’s where the low-profile, small hot tub design takes shape. Leave it to Sundance to design a small hot tub that’s ultra-versatile. Take a moment to immerse in total relaxation. Peacefully alone or in the company of friends and family, find time to let go of stress and enjoy simply feeling good. That’s what happens when a 680 Series Sundance spa becomes a part of your life. Every model delivers the combination of heat, buoyancy, and massage that is known to help you feel better in so many ways – classic Sundance® hot tub hydrotherapy.


What to Look for When You Visit a Hot Tub Dealer Showroom

Here's A Quick Checklist

Ready to make a decision about which hot tub to purchase or just "kicking the tires" on different models? After you've done your online research, the next step is to visit a dealer's showroom. The professionally trained dealers at Sundance Spas are ready to answer almost any questions you have about hot tubs. Locate a dealer near you and stop by this weekend! Here's how to get the most from your visit to a Sundance® dealer showroom: 1. Take in all of the different models, noting the variety of colors and finishes that are available. 2. Sit inside a variety of hot tubs to get a feel for the seating and jet placements, how the controls work, where the lights shine in and around the hot tub, and more. Seating can be almost as important as the hot tub's size: you may choose a hot tub that seats fewer adults, as long as it has a lounge seat, for example. 3. Talk to your hot tub dealer. Sundance dealers have met a lot of homeowners over the years.  Let your Sundance dealer advise you about:
  • Financing for your hot tub
  • The ins and outs of delivery day - our dealers go the extra mile to make sure that delivery and installation are trouble-free
  • Spa supplies and accessories
  • Warranty to protect your investment, you're set to enjoy your hot tub lifestyle for years
For more information and comparing spas' specifications, pick up a free brochure at your dealer's showroom or download a brochure now.


Must-have Summer Spa Equipment

You'll Wonder How You Lived Without It

Prepare yourselves! The weather gets nice and suddenly everybody wants to spend time in your Sundance® spa. Friends and neighbors all seem to love the idea of relaxing and having a good time with you in your hot tub. One way to be ready for spa guests is by choosing the right spa accessories. You can include spa equipment in the financing for your new Sundance Spas hot tub. Pre-qualify for financing now – it's easy. Spa equipment, like the Safe-T-Rail, is especially helpful for people who aren't accustomed to getting in and out of a hot tub. The Safe-T-Rail attaches to your hot tub, and has an optional Rail Stand that slides under your spa. This popular piece of spa equipment features a slip-free, foam grip that spa-goers can use to steady themselves as they enter and exit your hot tub. It adds an extra feeling of security and safety to the spa experience – many hot owners consider it an essential. Download a free brochure to see examples of spa equipment and accessories. The SpaCaddy brings the party to your hot tub! Unless you have a Sundance Select™ Series spa with the convenient flat-top edge, you may not have a place to set your sunglasses, book or snacks when you're in the hot tub. The SpaCaddy mounts on your hot tub to serve as a side tray for towels, beverages and anything else that makes your hot tub session more enjoyable. Designed exclusively for hot tubs, the SpaCaddy swings out from a center pivot for easy access, and it's weather-resistant. Your local Sundance Spas dealer can be a great resource for a variety of accessories. Find out how the hot tub "extras" – from filter flossers to planters – can make your hot-tub summer the best ever. Locate a dealer now.

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