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Hot Tubs Comparison: Size

Compare Hot Tub Sizes Sundance® Offers

Hot tub ownership is an investment and we want to help you explore the different spa sizes, features and benefits that are most important to you.

Sundance Spa 2011 Hot Tubs Comparison: Size

Find your perfect spa model with the Sundance® Hot Tub Comparison Tool.

What hot tub size is ideal for you?
There are three basic sizes that Sundance® offers.

  1. Small: The Dover™ would suit individuals or couples using the spa mainly for relaxing therapy. The Capri™ and Denali™ are ideal for small families with limited space. Small hot tubs accommodate 2-4 adults.
  2. Medium: Models like the Cameo™, Marin™ and Altamar™ are great for families with young children. Medium spas offer seating options for large individuals as well as those with smaller body types. Medium hot tubs accommodate 4-6 adults.
  3. Large: The Maxxus™ and Chelsee™ models are ideal spas for those who like to entertain. There is sufficient space for a group to relax and move freely and comfortably. Large hot tubs accommodate 6-8 adults.

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