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Hot Tubs Comparison: Shape

Compare Hot Tub Shapes Sundance® Offers

There are three basic shapes Sundance® offers. Which hot tub shape do you prefer? Standard (square or rectangular) corner or round?
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  1. Standard: Back in the day, standard outdoor hot tubs were round. Nowadays, the standard hot tub shape is either square or rectangular. The standard hot tub shape evolved in order to give consumers more options. With a square or rectangular shape, a Sundance® Spa can add different levels of seating for varying heights and add lounges. It also allows for seating to be more comfortable. In addition, there are more levels for entry.
  2. Corner: The Tacoma® is the only corner portable spa. Its curved-triangle shaped design fits comfortably into a corner, ideal for small spaces. “The Tacoma® is very popular among families who have had larger spas previously, but since have had children move out and have no need for a large spa, but rather, prefer a smaller couples spa to relax in.” – Authorized Sundance® Dealer in Portland, Oregon
  3. Round: The Denali® spa exhibits a classic round spa shape that many people find nostalgic and highly desirable. Sundance® is one of the only manufacturers to still produce the classic round hot tub shape. You will also find that no other company offers such variety in design when it comes to their round hot tubs.

Use the Sundance® Hot Tub Comparison tool to determine which spa is right for you.

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