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Hot Tubs and Spas – What’s the Difference?

hot tubs and spas Hot Tubs and Spas

I’d consider most hot tubs to be spas, but spas are definitely not always hot tubs. Spas can be a lot of things. Just try an Internet search for spas, and you’ll quickly see.

Spas can be day spas or resort spas. There are spa retreats, spa treatments, spa massages, and spa reviews. And the list goes on.

At Sundance®, we use hot tubs and spas synonymously. But one thing is certain; if the hot tub you own is by Sundance®, you are “living the spa life!”

Not yet a spa owner? With dealers in 60 countries, we can help you plan your spa installation to fit your space, and your lifestyle. Your spa installation will become a gathering place for family and friends. And you’ll experience the healthy benefits of our legendary Sundance® hydrotherapy.

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