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Warm Up to Stormy Weather

Hot Tub Review: The Perfect Storm

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Aqua Quip, a Sundance® Spas dealer serving the Puget Sound area, shared a hot tub review from a happy customer, Cathy Hitchman. Cathy and her husband bought their new Sundance® Certa®  hot tub from the Aqua Quip booth during the Puyallup Fair. The couple have been enjoying their spa for a couple of months when their area was “nailed” by storms. Without power to the house or the hot tub for five full days, and with temperatures around 30-35 degrees, Cathy expected to open the hot tub cover and find icy-cold spa water.

“When we finally got power back to it [the hot tub],” Cathy writes, “we were impressed to see that it had only gone down to 70 degrees! We thought that was a pretty impressive statement about the insulation.” We think so, too, but it’s not surprising.

The full-foam insulation used in Sundance® Spas hot tubs greatly reduces heat loss. Top-quality insulation retains the heat generated by the best hot tub heater in the industry – a titanium coil heater whose surface heats the water directly. This produces faster heat recovery and shorter heating cycles: that adds up to energy savings, and produces the type of warm surprise delivered by Cathy’s Certa® hot tub. (Get a price quote on a Sundance® hot tub now!)

For the ultimate in hot tub insulation, Sundance® offers the EcoWrap® insulation option in the 880™ and 780™ Series hot tubs. This extra layer of insulation is a must in cold climates. It reduces energy costs as it helps to keep the water warm. EcoWrap® also protects the hot tub from moisture and mold, and reduces noise. Here’s a fun fact about EcoWrap®: it is made from recycled blue jeans. Using environmentally friendly EcoWrap® can mean using 25% less energy to heat your hot tub.

If you want to have a perfect hot tub experience even after a storm rolls through, rely on the Sundance® superior quality spas. “I really didn’t know what to expect as far as the temperature drop after five cold days, but that seemed really good to us….we have been very pleased.” To find out more about hot tub heating, insulation and EcoWrap®, download a FREE brochure.

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