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3 Steps to Hassle-free Hot Tub Installation

Preparation Makes the Difference

SD Elite 3693.V16.cmyk  300x200 3 Steps to Hassle free Hot Tub Installation

Hot tub delivery day – how exciting! You’re looking forward to filling up the spa, heating the water to just the right temperature, and getting in to relax and try out all the different kinds of jet action. But before your new spa arrives, make sure you’re prepared for an easy, trouble-free hot tub installation by taking some simple steps.

  1. Choose Your Hot Tub’s Site
    Place your hot tub in a corner, on a patio, in a deck surround, or under a gazebo. In planning the site for your hot tub installation, consider your privacy, the view from the hot tub, and whether you want space around it for entertaining.
  • Your spa should be at least 10 feet away from overhead power lines.
  • Make sure you have a good foundation for your hot tub installation.
  • Water should drain away from the spa.
  • Leave room to access the motor and pump for maintenance.
  • Prepare the Path
    Check your spa’s dimensions to be sure it will fit through gates, doorways and sidewalks when transporting to the hot tub installation site. Depending on the location, your dealer may need to arrange for a crane to lift your hot tub into place. This is a common practice and not something to be concerned about.
  • Know the Electrical Requirements
    There are important guidelines for supplying power to your hot tub, including different electrical requirements for spas running on 240 volts and spas running on 120 volts. Your Sundance® Spas dealer can help you with questions about the electrical requirements for your particular hot tub installation, or you may want to get help from a professional electrician. Detailed electrical requirements and other useful information are included in the Sundance® PreDelivery Guide.When your hot tub installation is complete, all you have to do is use a garden hose to fill the spa with water and use the controls to start heating. The basics of hot tub installation are quite simple, and with some planning and preparation with your dealer, everything should go smoothly the day your hot tub arrives.

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