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Hot Tub Installation: Will I Need to Install Plumbing and Electrical?

Will I Need to Install Plumbing and Electrical?

Sundance hot tub installation Hot Tub Installation: Will I Need to Install Plumbing and Electrical?Hot Tub Installation: You’ll be glad to know that no plumbing is required! With both in-ground and portable above-ground hot tubs, just fill up the hot tub with a common garden hose. Do keep in mind that a hot tub filled with water is quite heavy, so a good, solid hot tub foundation is crucial for any hot tub installation. The area on which you install the hot tub rests must be able to support the weight of your hot tub, the water in it, and of course those who use it. If you are installing your hot tub on an elevated structure, it is recommended that you consult a contractor or structural engineer to find out specific hot tub requirements for decks.

Note that some hot tubs are simply too heavy and bulky to be used on an elevated deck. However, at a capacity of only 186 gallons, Sundance’s Tacoma™ spa is often lightweight enough for a deck hot tub installation – and the triangle design makes it a corner-friendly space-saver.

Hot Tub Electrical Installation: While some Sundance® models, like the Tacoma, can be plugged into a traditional 120VAC outlet, most models require a hard wired electrical connection to power the hot tub. For aesthetic reasons, many homeowners choose to have these lines buried underground. Before doing any electrical work, talk to your Sundance® spa dealer about your specific requirements and always be sure your electrician consults the Sundance® Owner’s Manual for your specific model.

With dealers in 60 countries, Sundance® can help you plan your hot tub installation to fit your space, and your lifestyle. Your hot tub installation will become a gathering place for family and friends. You’ll experience the healthy benefits of Sundance’s legendary hydrotherapy.

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