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Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Helps Joints and Muscles

Relieve Joint Pain and Increase Flexibility with Hydrotherapy

Sundance Hydrotherapy Spas Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Helps Joints and Muscles

Millions of people worldwide suffer from some form of joint pain, with little guidance given to them other than to take pain relievers. A common cause of joint pain can be boiled down to inflexibility of the joints, muscle tightness or both. Whether you suffer from a chronic condition, such as arthritis, or temporary stiffness from sports, spending time in a hydrotherapy spa will work wonders in relieving tightness of the muscles and joints. Supplement a hot tub hydrotherapy massage with hot water stretching and start feeling the benefits in no time.


Hydrotherapy is the combination of warm water with massage to help relieve pain and stiffness. Hot tub hydrotherapy achieves this through soothing jet action. Hydrotherapy is an effective way to massage stiff joints and tired muscles. A hot tub hydrotherapy massage provides relief to the joints and muscles by bringing a warm flow of water directly to the affected areas. This increases blood circulation, which helps speed recovery. In addition, the warm, jet-driven water provides buoyancy, supporting the body and relieving joint pressure during the hydrotherapy spa session. With hot tub hydrotherapy, such as that provided by the Victoria™ model by Sundance® Spas, lounge-seat jets are targeted specifically to reach the knees, neck and shoulder joints.

Stretching in a Hydrotherapy Spa

Stretching is a widely-recognized technique endorsed by fitness experts. Today, we know that a hydrotherapy spa is a great place to stretch. You may be wondering: How does stretching relieve joint pain? Stretching relaxes the soft tissue around joints, making them more pliable. The heated water in a hydrotherapy hot tub makes it more comfortable to stretch, and to relax, for an overall calming experience. (Remember to talk to your doctor first to see how hot tub hydrotherapy could benefit you and your specific conditions.)

Taking time to pamper your body in a hydrotherapy spa is one of the best ways to reduce tension in your muscles and alleviate pressure in your joints. Couple hydromassage with routine stretching, and you could be up and moving with a new spring in your step in no time.

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