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Who Will You Choose To Buy Your Hot Tub From?

hot tub Hot Tub Dealers

In a recent survey, we asked our customers:

“Hot tub shopping? What’s the most important consideration? i.e. Quality, reputation of manufacturer, price, warranty, styles/sizes, other…”

Not surprisingly, hot tub dealer was noted as a top consideration when spa shopping.

“For me… your distributors are key to your success. The hot tub we bought from you, Johnson Pools out of Huntsville, AL. they have always fixed any issues we have had with your spa.”

Buying a hot tub is a big investment and like any major purchase, extensive effort should be made in researching not only the product, but also the manufacturer and local dealer. It is important that you are comfortable with the hot tub retailer from which you buy, as well as its staff. A supportive dealer always has the interest of the customer in mind and should make you feel at ease when asking questions and seeking advice. Spa sales specialists should know the product well and ask you the appropriate questions to match the ideal hot tub to your needs and lifestyle.

Hot Tub Dealer Checklist:

  • Very knowledgeable about product
  • Exceptional service and follow up
  • Provides helpful and appropriate advice
  • Makes your interests a top priority

Find a Sundance spa dealer near you. There’s nothing like learning more about a Sundance hot tub in person – some spa dealers may even be set up so that you can wet test a bubbling hot tub.

Download a FREE brochure now, or request a quote.

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