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Essential Hot Tub Accessories

Spa Accessories Must: The Cover Lifter

coversLifters img Essential Hot Tub Accessories

We asked our customers the following questions regarding hot tub accessories:

Question: “Tell us what are your favorite hot tub accessories and why?”

Answer: “Cover lift. Without it what do you do with the cover?” commented a Sundance® Spas Facebook fan.

Question: “How do you remove the cover from your Sundance® Spa? Cover lifter perhaps? What type of cover lifter do you use? Why do you like it?”

Answers: “With snow on it, so now we have to buy a new one. LOL” and “I am my cover lifter. I fold it in half, and haul it off by dragging it over the other side of the spa.”

cover mate3 Essential Hot Tub AccessoriesMany spa owners do not realize the importance of certain hot tub accessories, like a hot tub cover lifter, until after the fact. In my recent conversation with a Sundance® spa owner, the importance of the cover lifter did not occur to him until he realized how difficult and annoying it was to remove the cover by himself. “I usually need my wife’s help when we remove the cover because it is so heavy and we just throw it on the ground when we are in the hot tub. We didn’t think not having a cover lifter was a big deal and now we are kicking ourselves for not getting one in the first place.”

Hot tub covers lifters are an essential tool for many spa owners and provide several benefits aside from just removing the cover.

Benefits of hot tub cover lifters include:

  • No extra hands needed: Typically, removing a heavy hot tub cover is a two person job. A cover lifter makes removing the hot tub cover a fast and simple one-person task that enables you to utilize your spa when you want. In addition, less strain is exerted on your arms and back. Why do all the heavy lifting when a simple mechanism can do it for you?
  • Extend the life of your spa cover: Cover lifts can protect and lengthen the life of your spa cover. Wear and tear on the hot tub cover caused by constant hauling and dragging it along the ground with every use causes the cover to deteriorate. Rips, tears and holes not only permit moisture and allow heat to escape from the spa, but such damage diminishes the life of your spa. Eventually, your damaged hot tub cover will not insulate the spa properly, causing it to become rigid and ineffective.
  • Storage: Spa owners that do not have cover lifts typically store the cover or the ground or lean it against other objects. A lift stores a spa cover securely off the ground and away from dirt, sharp objects, people and pets.

Did you know that Sundance® offers a variety of high-quality spa cover lifters and hot tub accessories? Our hot tub cover lifters are easy to install, well-constructed and work smoothly and efficiently. There is an appropriate hot tub cover lifter for almost any spa size and shape. Protect your precious investment by adding a CoverMate™ spa lifter that will help keep your Sundance® spa cover clean, safe and looking like new for years to come.

Learn more about Sundance® spa cover lifters & accessories.

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