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Why We Love Energy-Efficient Hot Tubs

Energy Efficient Spas Cost Less to Run!

SD Elite 0202.V6.cmyk  207x300 Why We Love Energy Efficient Hot TubsWe know why we love our Sundance hot tubs – they give us a luxurious place to get away from the stress in our lives and be pampered by a rejuvenating massage. But with recent engineering and manufacturing advances, Sundance hot tubs are also more energy efficient than ever. In fact, the new Elite Series hot tubs save more on operating costs than any other hot tubs in their class – under $10.00 per month estimated standby cost (60°F/15°C).

Our other hot tub models use less energy than you might think, too. Sundance uses foam fill insulation, which means insulating foam covers the entire area along the shell, inside the cabinet and next to the floor. This enables them to retain heat more effectively than less energy-efficient spas that contain only partial insulation.

Check out these other energy-saving features that make Sundance some of the most energy efficient hot tubs on the market:

  • 100% heat transfer from the titanium coil heater to the water boosts thermal efficiency, which saves on operating costs.
  • Lower horsepower jet pumps, efficient plumbing and well-designed jets deliver a big, powerful massage without wasting energy.
  • Energy-efficient hot tub microprocessors continuously check your spa’s functions to assure that the temperature you set is maintained with one-half degree.
  • LED spa lighting uses 7.5% less energy than incandescent lights.

An easy way to save energy and cut costs is by always closing your insulating hot tub cover when you’re not using the spa. According to a study by the Davis Energy Group, heat losses go up by six percent when a hot tub is in use.*

We love the idea that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or performance with our energy-efficient spas. With more people demanding energy-efficient hot tubs, Sundance continues to work on new ways to reduce the environmental and financial impact of operating a spa.

* Codes and Standards Enhancement Initiative for PY2004: Title 20 Standards Development, Analysis of Standards Options for Portable Electric Spas. Prepared by the Davis Energy Group and Energy Solutions, San Francisco CA, Pacific Gas & Electric, 2004.

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