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Easy Water Care for Hot Tubs

Modern Sundance Spas hot tubs have highly efficient built-in water maintenance systems. Advanced filtration and purification do such a good job that you need to spend only minutes per week taking care of the water.

The filters on Sundance Spas hot tubs and spas capture both unwanted debris and smaller particles before they ever make it to the purification system. MicroClean Plus™ filters absorb lotions and oils, as well. Simply keep the filters rinsed off, and replace them when it’s time. Always use filters designed for your particular model, for the best results.

The CLEARRAY® Water Purification System puts you way ahead of the game in water maintenance.

• Its UV-C technology neutralizes 99.9% of waterborne pathogens and introduces no gases, chemicals, or other byproducts into the water.
• UV-C technology, which relies on natural light, is often used as part of the disinfecting process for food and beverage production and in medical facilities.
• CLEARRAY® can help reduce the amount of sanitizer needed, resulting in fewer skin irritations and less red eye.

What’s left to do to keep your hot tub’s water fresh and clear?

• Check the water levels weekly or after you use your spa and maintain the proper ph balance.
• Hose off the filters as often as needed.
• Keep the hot tub cover clear of leaves and dirt.
• Drain, clean and refill your spa approximately every three months, depending on your usage.

People enjoy using their hot tubs and spas more often these days because they are simple to maintain. To learn more about energy-efficiency, reliability and easy-care features in Sundance spas and hot tubs, download our free brochure.

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