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SDS supports Veterans, Active Duty and Reserve Military Personnel

In Wisconsin, together with Quality Pools & Spas, Sundance® Spas had the unique opportunity to recognize the service of a very special veteran. Stuart from Warrens, WI, was a Lieutenant who served in World War II. Now 95 years old, he came in with his wife and daughter to purchase a spa for relaxation and hydrotherapy. In honor of Veteran’s Day and in recognition of his service, Sundance® Spas honored a $300 discount on Stuart’s purchase. We’ll continue to offer this discount to veterans, active duty, and reserve military personnel through November 14, 2016 as a way to saying “thank you” for those who give so much for our freedom.   About Sundance® Spas, Inc.  Since 1979, Sundance Spas has perfected the spa experience. Sundance Spas is devoted to improving health and lifestyles through its hydrotherapy benefits, including stress relief, health restoration and the creation of an environment for balanced living. Sundance Spas, Inc. manufactures portable and in-ground hot tubs, including a complete line of accessories, available through specialty retail locations in more than 60 countries worldwide. For more information, please call 909-606-7733.     Sundance Spas - Specials - Wish For Our Heroes


Sundance® Spas Announces the 2014 Dealer Awards

Annual award recipients presented at the 2015 Sundance® Dealer Conference

Chino Hills, CA (April 3, 2015) – Sundance® Spas, the largest acrylic spa manufacturer in the world, announced their 2014 Dealer Award winners, presented to the recipient at the 2015 Sundance Spas Dealer Conference in Anaheim, California earlier this year. Recipients included Dealer of the Year Award winner Arctic Home Living, Hall of Fame Award winner Bill Elliot with The Sundance Spa Store, and Highest Sales Volume in the U.S. winner Paradise Valley Spas.

2014 Dealer of the Year Award – Arctic Home Living

The prestigious 2015 Dealer of the Year Award was presented to Arctic Home Living, with three locations in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Palmer (Wasilla), Alaska. The Dealer of the Year Award recipient is chosen through a nomination process, with consideration for key attributes such as outstanding customer service, collaborative marketing efforts, promotions and publicity representing great ambassadorship for the brand, leadership in the market, exceptional sales growth and more.

2014 Hall of Fame Award – Bill Elliot, The Sundance Spa Store

At this year’s Sundance Spas Dealer Conference, the 2014 Hall of Fame Award was presented to Bill Elliot, The Sundance Spa Store in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. With an exclusive focus on Sundance products, expertise and customer experience is top priority for The Sundance Spa Store. The Hall of Fame Award recipient is selected based on 10 or more years of experience with the Sundance Spas Brand, professional and positive representation of the spa industry, promotion of the benefits of spa ownership, partnership, proven ambassadorship for the Sundance Spas Brand and is a measureable leader in the market.

2014 Highest Sales Volume in the U.S. – Paradise Valley Spas

This year, Paradise Valley Spas earned the 2014 Highest Sales Volume in the U.S. award. The long-time Sundance Spas dealership has offered Sundance Spas since 1992 and boasts eight locations near and around the San Francisco Bay area. Based on volume of Sundance Spas brand sales in the United States, Paradise Valley Spas has been awarded the Highest Sales Volume in the U.S. honor 8 of the last 14 years.

About Sundance Spas, Inc.

Since 1979, Sundance Spas has perfected the spa experience. Sundance Spas is devoted to improving health and lifestyles through its hydrotherapy benefits, including stress relief, health restoration and the creation of an environment for balanced living. Sundance Spas, Inc. manufactures portable and in-ground spas, including a complete line of accessories, available through specialty retail locations in more than 60 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit

About Arctic Home Living

With 3 locations in Archorage, Wasilla and Fairbanks, the Alaska Arctic Home Living has carried a wide selection of spas including Sundance Spas for the last 10 years. Established in 2000, this full-service dealer takes pride in their sales and service, providing the best spa experience to Alaskans. To learn more about Arctic Home Living, visit,, and

About The Sundance Spa Store

Located in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and St. Catharines in Canada, The Sundance Spa Store was founded in 2003. To learn more about the spas, chemicals, parts, service and saunas The Sundance Spa Store offers, please visit

About Paradise Valley Spas

With eight locations serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area, Paradise Valley Spas offers Jacuzzi® Brand Hot Tubs and Sundance spas. Established in 1985, this Northern California spa store focuses on giving every customer the best customer service experience and offering the best line of spas and spa products in the industry. To learn more about Paradise Valley Spas, please visit  


Introducing Two New Sundance® Spa Models

Sundance® Spas is proud to present you with our two newest models, the McKinley® and the Ramona®. We designed these spas with not only your rest and relaxation in mind, but also your desire to entertain your friends and family. Both of the hot tub models offer strong jets to soothe you and hydrotherapy variations for the ultimate massage experience. However, we also ensured the McKinley® and the Ramona® feature enough space for you to invite guests over to join you in the hot tub fun. McKinley® Just as Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America, is an awe-inspiring feature posing as the focal point for all to admire, the McKinley® spa garners a similar reaction in backyard setups. This Sundance® hot tub provides the centerpiece for all your social gatherings. Spacious enough to comfortably fit up to six of your friends and family, the McKinley® pampers bathers with 44 massage jets. These jets are modeled in seven different ways to offer customizable massages that suit the individual needs of each of your guests. What’s more, this new model also includes special features, such as, pillow headrests, LED lighting, and waterfalls to entice your party into an oasis of relaxation. Ramona® Treat yourself to the Ramona®, and then share the glory with five of your favorite friends and family. This custom hot tub features a spacious setup where a party of six can soak up the benefits of the newest Sundance® model. Presenting powerful jets and expertly designed seats, the Ramona® spoils you with the restoration and rejuvenation benefits you crave. The hot tub flaunts LED lighting and designer stainless steel jets, but it is also compatible with add-ons, including the BLUEWAVE® Spa Stereo System. Whether you’re in the market for a backyard center of attraction like the McKinley® or an enticing addition to your garden oasis such as the Ramona®, both of these new models will transform the way you relax and host social gatherings. For additional information on our hot tub designs and features, download a brochure today.


Sundance Wins 2013 ADEX Awards!

ADEX_Gold_logo-13_SMALL ADEX_Platinum_logo-13_SMALL We are pleased to announce our receipt of two 2013 Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX) for the Aspen and Peyton hot tub! “We are thrilled to receive these two honors from such a well-known design awards program,” said Larry Ovalle,Senior Product Manager of Sundance Spas. “As a company, our goal is to produce innovative products using the latest technology. These prestigious awards are a direct result of our hard work and focus on being a leader in the hot tub industry.” Peyton, a 6-person spa with 35 hydrotherapy jets, received the Gold ADEX Award, while the Aspen, an 8-person spa with 66 hydrotherapy jets, received the Platinum ADEX Award. Both awards are an acknowledgment of the brand’s inn ovation and design excellence. Hosted by Design Journal, an international trade journal for interior designers, ADEX is the largest and most prestigious awards program for product and project design in the A&D industry. Each submission was judged by an anonymous panel of professionals representing a cross section of the design industry. Learn more about our winning spas:  


Serve Festively Refreshing Drinks This Season

What Are Your Guests Sipping On, In and Out of the Spa?

Here are some favorite festive spaside beverages our Facebook followers suggested:
  • Eggnog
Sparkling Water with a slice of lime
  • Vodka on the rocks
  • Wine, any kind
Holiday entertaining in your hot tub is one of the joys of the season. No get together would be complete without beverages for your guests to sip on both in and out of the hot tub. Provide a variety of drinks to appeal to all your guests as they soak, socialize and relax. There are plenty of festive hot beverages to choose from including the hot toddy, seasonal teas, egg nog and mulled cider. These are all great drinks to enjoy after a soak, when your body temperature has cooled down. But when soaking in warm water, there’s nothing like a cool beverage to whet your whistle and keep you feeling comfortable while providing hydration. For your upcoming holiday gathering that involves having guests soak in your spa, we recommend this chilled spiced toddy recipe. This is a twist from the traditional “toddy”, as it is non-alcoholic and served chilled, not hot. Spiced Apple Hot Tub Toddy To get the full flavor, it’s best to prepare this mulled cider recipe on the stove, and serve it slightly chilled. Ingredients- Serves 6
  • 6 cups apple cider
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 6 whole cloves
  • 6 whole allspice berries
  • Orange peel strips
  • Lemon peel strips
  • Cinnamon-flavored syrup
Directions: Bring apple cider and spices to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, cool to room temperature, and remove spices and lemon peel. Refrigerate or pour over ice, and add cinnamon-flavored syrup just before serving.  


What to Grow in Your Hot Tub Planters

Tips for Backyard Color From Now Through Springtime

Fall is a favorite time of year to be outdoors as well as a good season for planting. Plants no longer have to endure the heat and dry weather of summer, and the planters around your spa don’t require as much work as a yard or garden. Just be sure your hot tub planters drain well before your add soil. To create a welcome splash of color and drama in the spring, plant bulbs this fall. There can be a variety of bulbs in one container that will produce blooms at different times, all season long. You can also stagger bulbs in layers for a spring planter “arrangement” of flowers growing at differing heights. For instant color, try these favorites in your hot tub planters: • Coleus – So easy to grow, the purple-to-rust leaves of the coleus reflect the best of fall color and complement the natural shades of your Sundance® planters. • Pyracantha – Their lovely red, orange or yellow berries will last a long time. You can also train pyracantha to grow on trellises near your spa (watch out for the thorns). • Evergreens – Boxwood, juniper, wintergreen, and holly bring a welcome touch of green to your hot tub scene year round. These slow-growing shrubs are perfect for containers. They tolerate cold and snow, and can grow to dramatic heights. Or use multiple planters to create a “wall” of greenery for your hot tub. With these brisk days and chilly nights, you’ll be drawn to the warmth of your hot tub. Make your hot tub setting even more beautiful with seasonal color, and your Sundance will also be visually inviting, all winter long. Submit your Sundance hot tub photos to [email protected]


3 Outdoor Hot Tub Trends

What to Look for This Season

Outdoor hot tubs are definitely a popular addition for homeowners who like to spend time outdoors year 'round. This year, we're spreading the word about three "trends" we're bringing to outdoor hot tubs:
  • Hot tubs that combine an entertainment center with a meditative retreat
  • Energy efficient spas
  • Low-maintenance water maintenance with reduced chemical usage
Outdoor hot tubs attract friends and family who love to have a good time together, but they are also natural havens for individuals seeking relief from stress. The 780™ Series spas are great examples: they are sized right, easy to take care of, and beautifully styled. Instead of going out, people who own a Sundance® 780™ Series outdoor hot tub make the most of their backyards on the weekends. Relaxing with a cool drink, stretching after exercise, or just sitting together and talking in the warmth of the hot tub – a modern outdoor hot tub can be a social spot and a source of well being. READ MORE >


Heart-Healthy Hydrotherapy for Valentine’s Day

Our Hot Tub Floor Model Clearance Event, Now - February 26

I love getting flowers and candy, but the best Valentine's Day gifts are romantic, fun, something you can use every day, luxurious, last for years, and are good for you! Sounds like a Sundance® Spas hot tub to me. You can probably think of all the ways to enjoy a Sundance® luxury hot tub every day, and since Sundance® has been manufacturing hot tubs for over 30 years, you know they have a reputation for quality and durability. But one of the big benefits of owning a hot tub is that hydrotherapy can help promote the health of your heart. Here's how: READ MORE >


Hot Tub Prices

It’s More About Value Than Cost

hot tub prices Quality spas are available in a wide range of prices. Just like cars, spa prices reflect features, materials and workmanship. Of course, we hope that as you are shopping you will consider a Sundance® spa. No matter which brand of spa you finally choose, we want you to be an informed consumer and find the right spa for your needs. READ MORE >


Watch the “Ultimate Staycation” Video

Taste of New York TV Show Features Sundance Spas

This video is so enticing, with its shots of the Marin® spa in the perfect backyard and underwater hydromassage scenes, that you might want to cancel your vacation, stay home, and relax with a nightly hot tub massage! The "Ultimate Staycation" video highlights the hydromassage trio of heat, buoyancy and massage, showing Sundance® jets in action with the waterfall aglow. Video footage was featured last month on the Time Warner cable show, Taste of New York, a lifestyle show targeting active individuals, featuring health, home design, and more, reaching up to 3.8 million viewers. READ MORE >


Prevent Holiday Stress by Recognizing Triggers

Finances and Having Too Much to do Are Top Holiday Stressors

Oh the holiday season, which, for most Americans starts in November with Thanksgiving and continues through New Year's Day in January. Mental Health America asked more than 3,000 people what anxieties they feel at this time of year. The results showed that finances and having too much to do were the top holiday stressors. Stay on budget, calm, focused and productive during this busy time of year: (Source: Mayo Clinic) Recognize common holiday triggers:
  • Finances. With the added expenses of gifts, travel, food and entertainment, the holidays can put a strain on your budget — and your peace of mind. Not to mention that overspending now can mean financial worries for months to come. READ MORE >

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