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Is Your Hot Tub Ready for Winter?

When someone in the office mentioned that it's already snowing in some areas up north, it reminded me of a beautiful steaming spa at a ski resort at night, with snow all around. Winter, with its cold temperatures and long nights, is hot tub season. Whether you are already a Sundance® Spas owner or shopping for a spa, you may have questions about spas and winter weather. Here are some FAQs about getting your spa ready for winter. What should we do now, before winter sets in? This is a good time to drain, clean and refill your Sundance®, something you probably won't want to do in freezing temps. Minimize shivering – make it easy to get into and out of your spa. Sundance® steps are convenient, and made of durable synthetic material that resists the elements. Some of them have storage, too – a great place to stow a towel or two while you're soaking. What can I do to save energy as temperatures get lower? Two things: Conserve heat, and keep the water clean for efficient operation. The hot tub cover is critical for heat conservation, as well as keeping dirt and debris out of the water. Don't put off purchasing a new cover if yours is worn and sagging. Our premium SunStrong™ covers, as well as our traditional vinyl covers are insulated to retain heat. If you live in a cold climate, the factory-installed Ecowrap® option provides insulation that can reduce energy usage by up to 25%. Ask your Sundance® Spas dealer about Ecowrap® for your new spa. How do we control the water temperature so it's warm when we want to use it and consuming less energy at other times? You can easily program the i-Touch™ control panel on Sundance® 880™ and 780™ Series spas and hot tubs for energy savings and convenience. Microprocessors continuously check all of the spa's functions to make sure they are operating efficiently. On select models, the SunSmart® 2.0 WiFikit lets you stay in tune with your Sundance® spa remotely, from maintenance alerts to programming filtration whenever, wherever...24/6. You can even control jets and temperature so your spa is ready when you are. To learn more about easy-maintenance Sundance® spas and hot tubs, download our free brochure.


Easy Water Care for Hot Tubs

Modern Sundance Spas hot tubs have highly efficient built-in water maintenance systems. Advanced filtration and purification do such a good job that you need to spend only minutes per week taking care of the water. The filters on Sundance Spas hot tubs and spas capture both unwanted debris and smaller particles before they ever make it to the purification system. MicroClean Plus™ filters absorb lotions and oils, as well. Simply keep the filters rinsed off, and replace them when it's time. Always use filters designed for your particular model, for the best results. The CLEARRAY® Water Purification System puts you way ahead of the game in water maintenance.

• Its UV-C technology neutralizes 99.9% of waterborne pathogens and introduces no gases, chemicals, or other byproducts into the water. • UV-C technology, which relies on natural light, is often used as part of the disinfecting process for food and beverage production and in medical facilities. • CLEARRAY® can help reduce the amount of sanitizer needed, resulting in fewer skin irritations and less red eye.

What's left to do to keep your hot tub's water fresh and clear?

• Check the water levels weekly or after you use your spa and maintain the proper ph balance. • Hose off the filters as often as needed. • Keep the hot tub cover clear of leaves and dirt. • Drain, clean and refill your spa approximately every three months, depending on your usage.

People enjoy using their hot tubs and spas more often these days because they are simple to maintain. To learn more about energy-efficiency, reliability and easy-care features in Sundance spas and hot tubs, download our free brochure.


Simple Hot Tub Water Care

CLEARRAY® Management System Provides an Easy Way to Keep Water Clean

Proper water care and maintenance has always been a primary concern for spa owners. Sundance® Spas has provided hot tub owners an easy way to keep water clean with the CLEARRAY® Water Purification System. To learn more about the CLEARRAY® advanced water management system, download a FREE Sundance® Spas brochure. READ MORE >


Spa Filters: Time for a Change?

Why Use Only Genuine Sundance® Spa Filters

hot tub filter Spa Filters: Nearly every spa uses a filtration system to ensure clean water. However, spa filtration systems are not all the same; neither are all spa filters. You should be wary of generic spa replacement filters or imitations versus genuine Sundance® spa filters. Non-genuine spa filters may be less expensive, but using a generic could end up being very costly in terms of both performance and overall value. Using non-genuine Sundance® filters may also void your hot tub warranty. READ MORE >


Winter Hot Tub Maintenance

Maintain a Hot Tub During the Cold Weather

Can you believe it’s practically January? I, for one, cannot. The summer season came and went, the fall season passed in the blink of an eye and now we are in winter, which already seems to be lasting forever. I do not do well in the cold. I have no idea how I managed to live in New York City for nearly three years. Here in Southern California, where weather is quite mild in comparison to the east coast and other parts of the country where it snows, it has been bone-chilling cold and rainy for days in a row. Just last week I was telling my coworker that all I wanted to do was stay inside all weekend, away from the cold and rain. She then proceeded to tell me her kids spent a good amount of time in the hot tub when it was freezing and raining. “We maintain our hot tub all year, even during the winter. My kids’ favorite time to hang out in the spa is when it’s cold and raining.” After I gave her a weird look, I thought to myself, okay, I get it, it makes sense; although temperatures outside are chilly, the hot tub is comforting and inviting, where the body can remain warm and cozy. READ MORE >

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