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Looking for an idea for how to create your own hot tub installation? Here are several real-life examples of how Sundance owners have turned their backyards, decks and patios into beautifully enticing retreats. Check our Installation Inspiration album! 552605816747007315_GdzN9cs0_c


Hot Tub Installation Tips

Site, Pathway, and Electrical Preparation

Hot Tub Installation


Hot Tub Installation: Will I Need to Install Plumbing and Electrical?

Will I Need to Install Plumbing and Electrical?

hot tub installationHot Tub Installation: You'll be glad to know that no plumbing is required! With both in-ground and portable above-ground hot tubs, just fill up the hot tub with a common garden hose. Do keep in mind that a hot tub filled with water is quite heavy, so a good, solid hot tub foundation is crucial for any hot tub installation. The area on which you install the hot tub rests must be able to support the weight of your hot tub, the water in it, and of course those who use it. If you are installing your hot tub on an elevated structure, it is recommended that you consult a contractor or structural engineer to find out specific hot tub requirements for decks. READ MORE >


Get Decked Out!

A Portable Spa That's Ideal for Small Spaces

Tacoma portable spa installationTacoma portable spa overhead Hot Tub Installation: Most spas are too heavy and bulky to be used on an elevated deck. But at a capacity of only 186 gallons, the Sundance® Tacoma™ spa is lightweight enough to add some backyard bling to your decked-out deck. And the triangle design makes it a corner-friendly space-saver. READ MORE >


3 Steps to Hassle-free Hot Tub Installation

Preparation Makes the Difference

Hot tub delivery day – how exciting! You're looking forward to filling up the spa, heating the water to just the right temperature, and getting in to relax and try out all the different kinds of jet action. But before your new spa arrives, make sure you're prepared for an easy, trouble-free hot tub installation by taking some simple steps. READ MORE >


Hot Tub Installations From Around the World

Inspiring Sundance® Spa Installations



Hot Tub Installation Ideas

Get Inspired by Real-life Hot Tub Installations

hot tub installation ideas 1 READ MORE >

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