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Introducing Two New Sundance® Spa Models

Sundance® Spas is proud to present you with our two newest models, the McKinley® and the Ramona®. We designed these spas with not only your rest and relaxation in mind, but also your desire to entertain your friends and family. Both of the hot tub models offer strong jets to soothe you and hydrotherapy variations for the ultimate massage experience. However, we also ensured the McKinley® and the Ramona® feature enough space for you to invite guests over to join you in the hot tub fun. McKinley® Just as Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America, is an awe-inspiring feature posing as the focal point for all to admire, the McKinley® spa garners a similar reaction in backyard setups. This Sundance® hot tub provides the centerpiece for all your social gatherings. Spacious enough to comfortably fit up to six of your friends and family, the McKinley® pampers bathers with 44 massage jets. These jets are modeled in seven different ways to offer customizable massages that suit the individual needs of each of your guests. What’s more, this new model also includes special features, such as, pillow headrests, LED lighting, and waterfalls to entice your party into an oasis of relaxation. Ramona® Treat yourself to the Ramona®, and then share the glory with five of your favorite friends and family. This custom hot tub features a spacious setup where a party of six can soak up the benefits of the newest Sundance® model. Presenting powerful jets and expertly designed seats, the Ramona® spoils you with the restoration and rejuvenation benefits you crave. The hot tub flaunts LED lighting and designer stainless steel jets, but it is also compatible with add-ons, including the BLUEWAVE® Spa Stereo System. Whether you’re in the market for a backyard center of attraction like the McKinley® or an enticing addition to your garden oasis such as the Ramona®, both of these new models will transform the way you relax and host social gatherings. For additional information on our hot tub designs and features, download a brochure today.


Monaco- New Hot Tub Shell Color!

SD_Peyton_Monaco_3qtr Sundance Spas is now proud to offer eight hot tub shell colors. Choose from a wide range of hot tub color combinations to suit your style. The newest color to be added, Monaco, compliments all three cabinet colors and coordinates with just about any decorative surroundings. Featuring extreme variation, Monaco offers a visually appealing marble effect of gray, cinnamon and alabaster tones. This perfect combination of style and delicacy integrates well with any type of housing exterior colors. *Available on all hot tubs except Maxxus, Aspen, Capri, Dover, Denali and Tacoma


3 Ways a Rigid Bond™ Hot Tub Shell Adds Value

Why Superior Quality Counts

The color, luster and graceful sculpting of the hot tub shell on a Sundance® spa makes a beautiful first impression. But there is much more to a Sundance hot tub shell than meets the eye. Our exclusive 3-layer Rigid Bond construction process adds durability, high performance, and superior heat retention capabilities to all of our hot tub shells. Rigid Bond is the only process that layers the acrylic surface material with three components: vinylester, polyester resins and a proprietary laminate. Without getting too technical, the vinylester resin provides lasting adhesion with the acrylic layer. The polyester resins are created from a proprietary blend that makes a Sundance hot tub shell eight times stronger than ordinary fiberglass-laminated shells. Rigid Bond construction is the reason why your hot tub shell performs so well through years of use and exposure. The acrylic layer that you see is built to last, retaining its color and sheen with very little maintenance. Energy efficiency is built into our hot tub shell construction, too.
  • Two types of foam are used to provide full-foam insulation. It completely fills the compartment between the shell and the skirt, helping to maintain water temperatures longer.
  • High-density, heat-resistant foam surrounds the equipment bay; lighter foam insulates elsewhere for an energy efficient hot tub.
  • The pairing of Rigid Bond and insulation conserves energy and helps you save money on heating costs.
When you're comparing the value of hot tub brands, it pays to look at the way a spa shell is put together. Rugged durability, superior performance and energy efficient properties are three areas where Sundance Spas' Rigid Bond beats the competition.


Spa Features, Options, and Accessories

Quality Spa Features are the Hallmark of a Sundance® Spa

Spa Features Backlit waterfalls, cradling seats, highly-effective spa jets, and gently curved hand supports. Every need is anticipated, with features like lighted control panels and illuminated beverage holders. Decades of engineering expertise have gone into the systems that keep the water clean with minimal maintenance. And with fun and practical items like built-in stereos and exterior spa light options, plus a matching hot tub cover, you really can get exactly what you want in a Sundance spa. You can even opt for gleaming stainless steel trim for the spa jets on selected 780™ and 680™ Series models. READ MORE >


SilentAir™ Injection – What is it?

Soothing Bubbles, Uplifting Massage!

SilentAir READ MORE >


Hot Tub Innovation & Design

High-Performance Spas That Exceed Expectations



Hot Tubs Comparison: Size

Compare Hot Tub Sizes Sundance® Offers

Hot tub ownership is an investment and we want to help you explore the different spa sizes, features and benefits that are most important to you. Sundance® Cameo™ READ MORE >


Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Operating Costs – Energy Efficient Hot Tubs Save Money

energy efficient hot tubs by Sundance Sundance® Spas manufactures high-performance, energy efficient hot tubs that are engineered to run efficiently for years. We build in systems and components that maintain thermal energy. READ MORE >

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