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4 Ways your hot tub may help relieve cold and flu symptoms

While there is no cure for the common cold or influenza, finding relief from symptoms of these viruses could be found by spending some time in warm, jetted water. From clearing out your stuffy nose and throat to helping to decrease stress levels, discover four ways your hot tub may help relieve cold and flu symptoms.

  1. Clear congestion
  2. Similar to putting your face over a bowl of hot water to clear your nasal passages, relaxing in a hot tub not only helps you unwind, it can clear your nose and throat, too when your water is balanced and properly maintained. Just remember to keep a handkerchief or facial tissues nearby for when the heat causes your nose to run.

  3. Ease aches
  4. Sore muscles and aches are synonymous with the common cold and flu, but spending a few minutes in the heat, buoyancy and massage of your spa could help alleviate these symptoms. Just be sure to consult a physician first, especially if you have a fever.

  5. Improve your sleep
  6. Despite the fact that sleep is vital to help your body fight off an illness, falling asleep can be difficult when you’re sick. Try soaking in the warm waters of your spa for 20 minutes 2 hours before bedtime. In addition to helping you relax your body and mind, the steep drop in body temperature is proven to help you sleep more soundly.

  7. Reduce stress
  8. Researchers found a correlation between stress and your ability to fight viruses, including the common cold. So, reducing your stress levels by spending time in a hot tub may in turn give your body the boost it needs to regulate and combat certain ailments.

So long as you stay hydrated, keep your spa water clean and keep your soak sessions to 20 minute intervals, these four ways your hot tub may help relieve cold and flu symptoms could be just what you need to brave through.

This content should not be interpreted as medical advice and is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical professional.

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