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3 Outdoor Hot Tub Trends for 2012

What to Look for This Season

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“Outdoor Living” was listed in the #2 spot among “Top Home Trends of 2012″ on the website, Outdoor hot tubs are definitely a popular addition for homeowners who like to spend time outdoors year ’round. This year, we’re spreading the word about three “trends” we’re bringing to outdoor hot tubs:

  • Hot tubs that combine an entertainment center with a meditative retreat
  • Energy efficient spas
  • Low-maintenance water purification with reduced chemical usage
  • Outdoor hot tubs attract friends and family who love to have a good time together, but they are also natural havens for individuals seeking relief from stress. The 780™ Series spas are great examples: they are sized right, easy to take care of, and beautifully styled. Instead of going out, people who own a Sundance® 780 Series outdoor hot tub make the most of their backyards on the weekends. Relaxing with a cool drink, stretching after exercise, or just sitting together and talking in the warmth of the hot tub – a modern outdoor hot tub can be a social spot and a source of well being.

    Energy efficiency is a big trend that’s likely to keep growing. You’ll find the most energy-efficient spas in their category in the Sundance Select™ Series. Constance™ and Victoria™, the two Select Series models, cost less to operate than other equally featured spas. (Saving money on utilities never goes out of style!)

    The big news in Sundance outdoor hot tubs for 2012 is the CLEARRAY™ water purification system. It treats up to 99.9% of waterborne pathogens in the hot tub’s water, using exclusive technology. Water is purified without adding gas, chemicals or other byproducts, and it dramatically reduces the amount of chemicals you need to add.

    Outdoor living is here to stay, and so is the desire for less stress in our lives, more energy efficiency, and products that are easy to use and as natural as possible. In all three, Sundance is setting the trend for the future.

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