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Introducing Two New Sundance® Hot Tub Models

Sundance® Spas is proud to present you with our two newest models, the McKinley™ and the Ramona™. We designed these spas with not only your rest and relaxation in mind, but also your desire to entertain your friends and family. Both of the hot tub models offer strong jets to soothe you and hydrotherapy variations for the ultimate massage experience. However, we also ensured the McKinley™ and the Ramona™ feature enough space for you to invite guests over to join you in the hot tub fun. McKinley™ Just as Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America, is an awe-inspiring feature posing as the focal point for all to admire, the McKinley spa garners a similar reaction in backyard setups. This Sundance hot tub provides the centerpiece for all your social gatherings. Spacious enough to comfortably fit up to six of your friends and family, the McKinley pampers bathers with 44 massage jets. These jets are modeled in seven different ways to offer customizable massages that suit the individual needs of each of your guests. What’s more, this new model also includes special features, such as, pillow headrests, LED lighting, and waterfalls to entice your party into an oasis of relaxation. Ramona™ Treat yourself to the Ramona, and then share the glory with five of your favorite friends and family. This custom spa features a spacious setup where a party of six can soak up the benefits of the newest Sundance model. Presenting powerful jets and expertly designed seats, the Ramona spoils you with the restoration and rejuvenation benefits you crave. The hot tub flaunts LED lighting and designer stainless steel jets, but it is also compatible with add-ons, including the BLUEWAVE® Spa Stereo System. Whether you’re in the market for a backyard center of attraction like the McKinley or an enticing addition to your garden oasis such as the Ramona, both of these new models will transform the way you relax and host social gatherings. For additional information on our hot tub designs and features, download a brochure today.


Is Your Hot Tub Ready for Winter?

When someone in the office mentioned that it's already snowing in some areas up north, it reminded me of a beautiful steaming spa at a ski resort at night, with snow all around. Winter, with its cold temperatures and long nights, is hot tub season. Whether you are already a Sundance Spas owner or shopping for a spa, you may have questions about spas and winter weather. Here are some FAQs about getting your spa ready for winter. What should we do now, before winter sets in? This is a good time to drain, clean and refill your Sundance, something you probably won't want to do in freezing temps. Minimize shivering – make it easy to get into and out of your spa. Sundance steps are convenient, and made of durable synthetic material that resists the elements. Some of them have storage, too – a great place to stow a towel or two while you're soaking. What can I do to save energy as temperatures get lower? Two things: Conserve heat, and keep the water clean for efficient operation. The hot tub cover is critical for heat conservation, as well as keeping dirt and debris out of the water. Don't put off purchasing a new cover if yours is worn and sagging. Our premium SunStrong™ covers (available for select models) with Sunbrella® fabric, as well as our traditional vinyl covers are insulated to retain heat. If you live in a cold climate, the factory-installed Ecowrap® option provides insulation that can reduce energy usage by 25%. Ask your Sundance Spas dealer about Ecowrap for your new spa. How do we control the water temperature so it's warm when we want to use it and consuming less energy at other times? You can easily program the i-Touch™ control panel on Sundance 880™ and 780™ Series spas and hot tubs for energy savings and convenience. Microprocessors continuously check all of the spa's functions to make sure they are operating efficiently. To learn more about easy-maintenance Sundance spas and hot tubs, download our free brochure.


Back Pain? Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Works

A close friend of mine suffers from chronic back pain. He does the exercises recommended by his doctor (sometimes) and uses medication to relieve the pain when it gets bad. I was talking to him at a barbeque recently, and mentioned that a hot tub hydro-massage could help. "I know it feels good," he said, "but does it work?" Well, hydrotherapy does work, by doing a lot more than just making your back feel better during a warm-water therapy session. Hydrotherapy – the combination of heat, buoyancy and massage – relieves lower pain by triggering positive effects on the body. The best hot tubs, like our Sundance Spas models, deliver an effective combination of the key components of hydrotherapy:

Heat helps to open blood vessels to improve circulation and loosen muscle tension, both of which reduce pain.

Buoyancy lifts the weight of the body, providing relief for sore muscles and joints, and improving the ability to move around.

Massage eases inflammation, reduces muscle tightness and increase blood flow. According to a study covered in the New York Times, experiments showed that massage reduced the production of cytokines (they cause inflammation) and stimulated the process of cell function and repair.1

To relieve back pain in a hot tub, it is essential for the body to be positioned comfortably in the seat. This is where Sundance Spas stands above the rest: our seats are engineered to fit people of different heights and builds. Every seat delivers a variety of hydro-massage types and intensities while supporting the body. The best hot tubs are sure to have seats designed for back pain, from low back pain to neck pain. For more information about hydrotherapy and back pain, visit your local Sundance Spas dealer showroom. You can sit in the showroom models, and find the one that will really "work" on relieving your back pain.


Studies Prove: Thinking About a Calm Place (Your Hot Tub) Can Ease Stress

Hot tub owners, you may not need to be sitting in your spa to enjoy its stress-reducing benefits. You only have to think about it! A simple form of relaxation called "guided imagery" has been shown in more than 200 studies to help reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain, enhance sleep and help you feel more in control. Guided imagery is a traditional technique of focusing your imagination on calm, peaceful images (like spas and hot tubs) to experience a "mental escape." Apparently, daydreaming about soaking in a Sundance Spas hot tub may help you more easily cope with daily frustrations and work demands. Studies have proven that the mind has powerful effects on the body. Visualizing yourself resting your head on the hot tub's pillow, feeling the warm-water jets massaging your back and neck, without seeing or feeling the water, your brain is telling your body to relax. Of course, there is no substitute for being at home, enjoying a hydrotherapeutic massage in your own Sundance spa.

• Many of the benefits of guided imagery and hydrotherapy are the same – relaxation, relief of arthritis pain and insomnia, and improved circulation.

• A drawback of guided imagery: it takes practice, and it can be difficult to focus in some situations.

• Spas and hot tubs are easy – they take you on a mental and physical escape every time you're in the warm, soothing water.

To learn more about guided imagery, we've listed some links below. To experience real Sundance Spas relaxation, locate a dealer near you and ask about taking a "wet test." You won't have to think about de-stressing – it just happens!


Easy Water Care for Hot Tubs

Modern Sundance Spas hot tubs have highly efficient built-in water maintenance systems. Advanced filtration and purification do such a good job that you need to spend only minutes per week taking care of the water. The filters on Sundance Spas hot tubs and spas capture both unwanted debris and smaller particles before they ever make it to the purification system. MicroClean Plus™ filters absorb lotions and oils, as well. Simply keep the filters rinsed off, and replace them when it's time. Always use filters designed for your particular model, for the best results. The CLEARRAY® Water Purification System puts you way ahead of the game in water maintenance.

• Its UV-C technology neutralizes 99.9% of waterborne pathogens and introduces no gases, chemicals, or other byproducts into the water. • UV-C technology, which relies on natural light, is often used as part of the disinfecting process for food and beverage production and in medical facilities. • CLEARRAY can help reduce the amount of sanitizer needed, resulting in fewer skin irritations and less red eye.

What's left to do to keep your hot tub's water fresh and clear?

• Check the water levels weekly or after you use your spa and maintain the proper ph balance. • Hose off the filters as often as needed. • Keep the hot tub cover clear of leaves and dirt. • Drain, clean and refill your spa approximately every three months, depending on your usage.

People enjoy using their hot tubs and spas more often these days because they are simple to maintain. To learn more about energy-efficiency, reliability and easy-care features in Sundance spas and hot tubs, download our free brochure.


Sundance Wins 2013 ADEX Awards!

ADEX_Gold_logo-13_SMALL ADEX_Platinum_logo-13_SMALL We are pleased to announce our receipt of two 2013 Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX) for the Aspen and Peyton hot tub! “We are thrilled to receive these two honors from such a well-known design awards program,” said Larry Ovalle,Senior Product Manager of Sundance Spas. “As a company, our goal is to produce innovative products using the latest technology. These prestigious awards are a direct result of our hard work and focus on being a leader in the hot tub industry.” Peyton, a 6-person spa with 35 hydrotherapy jets, received the Gold ADEX Award, while the Aspen, an 8-person spa with 66 hydrotherapy jets, received the Platinum ADEX Award. Both awards are an acknowledgment of the brand’s inn ovation and design excellence. Hosted by Design Journal, an international trade journal for interior designers, ADEX is the largest and most prestigious awards program for product and project design in the A&D industry. Each submission was judged by an anonymous panel of professionals representing a cross section of the design industry. Learn more about our winning spas:  


Improve The Quality of Your Life

Have aches and pains? Need relief from daily stress? Improve the quality of your life...soothe sore muscles and joints, take time to relax daily, put away cell phones and turn off the tv, engage in meaningful conversations with family...


Monaco- New Hot Tub Shell Color!

SD_Peyton_Monaco_3qtr Sundance Spas is now proud to offer eight hot tub shell colors. Choose from a wide range of hot tub color combinations to suit your style. The newest color to be added, Monaco, compliments all three cabinet colors and coordinates with just about any decorative surroundings. Featuring extreme variation, Monaco offers a visually appealing marble effect of gray, cinnamon and alabaster tones. This perfect combination of style and delicacy integrates well with any type of housing exterior colors. *Available on all hot tubs except Maxxus, Aspen, Capri, Dover, Denali and Tacoma


Floor Model Clearance on Now!

For a limited time only, receive up to $500 OFF or enjoy 0% FINANCING FOR 18 MONTHS with the purchase of select Sundance Spas*. Act soon, The Floor Model Clearance Event is only available February 1 – February 28, 2013. To be updated on future promotions and special offers, join our email list. *May not be combined with other promotional offers. Restrictions Apply. Financing available on approved credit.Click here for Terms and Conditions or see your local dealer for details regarding the Floor Model Clearance Event.


The Backyard Stress-Busting Machine: Your Spa

How a Sundance Spa Can Help You Avoid Health Problems Associated With Stress

SundanceSpas infographic
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We know that a lot of factors can influence how we handle stress; some are within our control and others are not. Almost anyone who is stretched to the limit by impossible-to-meet demands, or is facing an unexpected crisis, can find it challenging to manage the body's physical response to stress. Symptoms can range from mild headaches to a gradual weakening of the body's ability to fight disease. Sundance Spas recommends using hot tub hydrotherapy to help combat the effects of stress. Hot tub hydrotherapy has three tremendous benefits that have been shown to promote wellbeing:
  1. it warms the body,
  2. provides a professional-type massage, and
  3. lifts the burden on joints and muscles through the water's natural buoyancy.
Hydrotherapy loosens stiff muscles in the neck and shoulders to ease discomfort and improve your mobility. Letting go and relaxing in a Sundance spa revs up sluggish circulation to help speed the body's healing process and renew your energy. If your joints are a problem, taking some weight off of them during a spa session can make it easier to move without pain. In other words, Sundance hydrotherapy replenishes overworked, tense and tired bodies to bring them back into balance. And there's no doubt that a body in balance is more resistant to the physical effects of stress. Used on a regular basis, Sundance hydrotherapy can fortify the body with regular doses of rejuvenation and calm.



Behind the Scenes: Sundance Spas was invited into the home of this lovely Cameo spa installation. We captured video footage of these empty nesters using Sundance hydrotherapy to help facilitate their active lifestyles. "Health and fitness are important to Lisa and I. Over the years, we've noticed more aches and pains after exercise. Soaking in our Sundance spa helps round out the corners on soreness. We are able to remain active daily by incorporating hydrotherapy into our recovery routine." 598568_539783386033269_1559605236_n Soak in the morning to warm up the body before the day begins and slip into the spa before bed to facilitate a a solid night's sleep. 546656_539393806072227_276029377_n
William and Lisa enjoy waking up and enjoying a soak in the spa and a morning run before their work days begin.


Installation Inspiration

Looking for an idea for how to create your own hot tub installation? Here are several real-life examples of how Sundance owners have turned their backyards, decks and patios into beautifully enticing retreats. Check our Installation Inspiration album! 552605816747007315_GdzN9cs0_c

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