Ramona® – 680™ Series

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Détails du produit

Détails du produit


With room for up to six adults, the Ramona® spa offers lounge seating, total relaxation and lasting value. This model also features side-by-side seating to foster socialization while you enjoy a classic hydrotherapy experience.


This model also features side-by-side seating to foster socialization while you enjoy a classic hydrotherapy experience. The roomy Ramona® model offers plenty of room for friends and family, including a lounge seat where you can melt your cares away while relaxing in a reclined position. Seats in many sizes throughout the spa offer configurations and jet formations to rejuvenate your body and spirit. And, nestled into a corner of the footwell an asymmetric foot dome spells relief for fatigued feet.


  • 410 gal / 1552.01 liters
  • 774 lbs (351 kg)
  • 45
  • North America (60 Hz): 2-Speed/2.5 HPContinuous, 11.0A Max., 56 Frame
  • North America (60 Hz): 1-Speed/2.5 HP Continuous, 10.0A Max., 56 Frame
  • Non


  • 91.44
  • 226.06
  • 226.06
  • 1884.0
  • 1552.01


Lighting and Waterfalls

Lighting and Waterfalls

Standard lighting brightens up the interior and soothing waterfall adds ambiance.



Simplified LED control panel streamlines spa functions.

Cabinetry Access

Cabinetry Access

UV-resistant synthetic cabinetry is durable and maintenance-free.

Lounge (no wrist jets) - Lounge Seat

Lounge (no wrist jets) - Lounge Seat

Similar to a reclining chair, the lounge seat is molded to support your body in comfort so you can surrender fatigued muscles from your neck to your feet without the worry of floating around.

Nombre de places et buses

Relaxation seat

Gentle neck jets banish stress while broad coverage, relaxing jets deliver relief to the back.

Soothing muscle seat

Jet formations for the neck, back and legs soothe muscles and release knots for every-day stress and strain.


In the lounge seat, you can melt your cares away with neck to toe therapy while relaxing in a reclined position.

Great Features and Mainly the Therapy Jet!

“I bought this a month ago and am pleased with the purchase"

- Jiml from Healdsburg, CA
Such Luxury in an Affordable Package!

“Love this spa! The features, options, jet massage...I couldn't ask for anything else!”

- Sallysillysmith from Milwaukee, WI
Nice Spa for the Price

“I bought this spa and had it over a week. I have liked it so far. Overall size is good. I am 6'4 and I fit really well in the lounge. I really don't like the lights as they are so bright that you can't see across the spa. Only 3 lights in the lower portion where your feet are, should look at making multiple controls or put all lights below the water line. Website does not show a price per month cost. Headrests pop off way too easily. Love the feel of all of the jets and power by the jets. Can't see the controls at night, need to look at back lighting."

- Kirt from Provo, UT