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Find a wide selection of hot tubs and spas at a Sundance Spas hot tub spa dealer in Rio Grande, New Jersey.


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Rio Grande, NJ 08242


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  • My spa earlier required a lot of maintenance earlier but after visiting the Hohne Pools And Spas and following their suggestions finally reduced a lot of extra work.

    - Jason Wargheese

  • Going to the dealer proved out to be a very friendly experience with no hassles from the sales guy to buy the spa.

    - Oliver Shane

  • All the preconceptions and misconceptions about the spa and about its various costs associated with the spa were cleared after visiting the Hohne Pools And Spas at Fallston.

    - Scarlett

  • Different technologies and comparisons were provided in a very friendly manner and in simple terms which even a uneducated man can understand.

    - Charlie

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HOHNE POOLS and SPAS is the only authorized Sundance Spas hot tub dealer in Fallston. It offers a wide range of tubs available in different shapes, sizes, models and colors. HOHNE POOLS and SPAS has a number of different varieties of SPAS suitable for different needs of different families and their specific requirements. At HOHNE POOLS and SPAS, you get hassle-free experience as being in a friendly environment so as to think over and discuss the needs under the expert guidance of experienced professionals so as to get your needs analyzed and get expert suggestions for your problems. The office is situated at 9000 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21234 and is open strictly as per your routine. You are welcome to our showroom to view the different types of SPAS and meet our knowledgeable representatives. They have all the technical know how along with various different benefits and knowledge of the various customization options and distinguishing features for each hot tub. They provide extensive help to you to select the hot tub as per your and your family's needs and requirements. A 10-year warranty is provided with every hot tub.

After having decided to buy a spa for your family to enjoy and to relax yourself of the tension and worries after the long day's work the other step is to visit a nearby dealer so as to know about various different features of different SPAS and as per the needs to get help to select appropriate size of the spa within your budget. You can get an rough idea about the experience in our hot tub dealer location in Fallston by viewing various user testimonials above or on other sites. The video above also provides an overall detailed overview and a rough idea of what to expect in our hot tub dealer location. It also helps you to decide why we are the best service providers. You can call us on 410-668-1300 or email us today for additional detailed information.


HOHNE POOLS and SPAS is committed to providing the best and relaxing hot tub experience without the need to worry about anything for our customers, which is the only reason for our commitment with the Sundance Spas collection. Established in 1979, Sundance Spas is the best spa available along with the latest technologies so as to provide the customers with best user experience and along with it save the electricity and water so as to help the environment. All these facilities are available at a lesser price than any other hot tub company. It has a fleet of dealers located in 60 different countries. 


HOHNE POOLS and SPAS have some of the most friendliest and most knowledgeable staff. They provide answers to each and every queries of the customers and help in providing with the best buying experience to the customers. They have complete knowledge about the different features and the technical specifications and how to operate and take care of the spas, thereby helping with the operation and installation of the SPAS. They are patient and helpful and take pride in provideing the customers with the best SPAS as per their needs along with the best services. Come by our Fallston showroom anytime, or give us a call 410-668-1300  today!

HOHNE POOLS and SPAS is the one and only official Sundance Spas hot tub dealer available in Fallston. With a wide range of SPAS in various shapes and sizes we suit your needs along with providing with the comfort. To know more about the requirement along with the assistance of the experts about help with the various technical knowhow and assistance with your first spa visit our large showroom in Fallston, where you can browse and test and make a selective comparison of all the popular Sundance models.

At HOHNE POOLS and SPAS, we provide you with a lot many services so as to accommodate your every spa need. Different spa accessories like the spa covers, spa accessories and water care products are sold in our showroom. We also take care of the hot tub installations and maintenance to provide you with hassle free spa installation and maintainance.

Call us on 410-668-1300 or email us today to receive information about wet tests, upcoming sales and promotions on available outdoor hot tub models. You can also contact us to find out more about special financing by just paying a visit to the showroom.


We also help with the old hot tub trade in value so as to help you with some cost. 

Click here to receive a quote for hot tub prices. If you have an old spa, find out your hot tub's trade-in value to help offset some cost.


Not ready to make a decision yet? Download our 52-page full-color brochure to learn more about our models, features, and designs today.

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