FAQs For First-time Hot Tub Owners

It’s easy to get excited about the idea of owning a hot tub, but for most people, purchasing a hot tub is a big investment that takes time. Fortunately, shopping for a hot tub is not as complicated as it seems.

A good place to start is by checking out this list of first-time buyers’ frequently asked questions. The answers will help you feel more confident about making the decision to own a hot tub.
How do I know if I’ll really use my hot tub on a regular basis? It’s normal to question whether you’ll use a spa often enough to get the most out of your investment. How much you’ll use your hot tub depends on key factors:

• Ease of use
• Hot tub quality
• Lifestyle preferences
• Convenience of the hot tub (is it easy to get to?)

Keep in mind that a hot tub can be used year ’round almost anywhere, too. According to research, three-fourths of spa owners use them two times per week or more.

Do most hot tub owners say they’re happy with their purchase?

The answer is yes! Hot tub owners point out the ways their quality of life has improved. Couples and families say they spend more time together, feel more relaxed, and gain the health benefits of hydrotherapy. According to surveys of spa owners, it’s usually those who have had a negative experience with an inferior “no-name” brand who say they wouldn’t buy another hot tub.

How much should a hot tub cost?

Hot tubs are available in huge range of prices. The quality and types of features, materials used and workmanship dictate how much a hot tub will cost. If you are tempted to purchase a very low-cost hot tub, be sure you find out what you’re in for up front. Cheaper manufacturers often skimp on quality by using inferior insulation, pumps, and heaters. Your energy bills could be higher with an inefficient model, and you may not be satisfied with the hot tub’s power and operation. Check out the warranty period, too. A less expensive hot tub with a shorter warranty period could spell higher repair costs down the road. If you look for quality first, you can expect to find a baseline hot tub that will serve your needs in the $5000 range. For a top-of-the-line hot tub with all the bells and whistles, you can find models priced at $15,000+.

How hard is it to install a hot tub?

First-time hot tub buyers usually find that installation isn’t that difficult. Planning is important: you’ll need a proper foundation, which can be as simple as a spa pad that clicks and locks into place. Have a local electrician check your electrical system to ensure it’s up to speed. A reputable hot tub dealer will help you with the installation process from start to finish.

Will a hot tub with more jets produce a better massage?

Not necessarily. Ask about the quality of the jets themselves. Are they adjustable? Do they target different muscle groups? Jets are one reason to visit a hot tub dealer showroom. See where the jets are placed and find out what types of jets deliver an intense massage and which ones are designed for sensitive pressure points. When it comes to jets, look for massage options and quality instead of focusing exclusively on the number of jets.

What about horsepower?

High horsepower sounds good, but it’s only one part of the systems. A pump with less horsepower operating in a highly efficient hot tub will deliver as much jet power as a higher horsepower pump. It will use less energy, too. The best way to find out what the horsepower rating really means is to wet test the hot tub and experience the hydro massage for yourself.

How much money will it take to keep my hot tub running?

Typical hot tub maintenance costs are less than $20 a month, depending on energy costs and the weather where you live, as well as the type of hot tub model.

Is a hot tub hard to maintain?

Today’s spas are designed with features that make it easier to keep the water clean without extra work, and many have energy-efficient features built in. Look for models with advanced water purification and filtration systems, and ask your dealer to explain exactly what’s involved in upkeep.

I’m worried about being able to find a dealer, and a brand, I can trust.

Some advance research can help put your mind at ease about a dealer’s reputation. Once you’ve arrived at the hot tub dealership, you can expect to be greeted, to be invited to browse around the various models, and to try out the spas. Many dealerships offer a wet test.

You can also count on a dealer to answer your questions about any aspect of ownership – from the warranty to installation and service. Take your time learning about features and maintenance. Most importantly, make sure you’re doing business with a reputable manufacturer who stands behind their products.

First-time buyer? Visit a Sundance® Spas dealer to see the showroom models and try them out for yourself.

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