Sundance® Spas come in many sizes and seat configurations so that you can find a spa that best enhances your lifestyle. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right spa for you.

Large Spas

Perfect for big families or those who frequently have guests over, our large hot tubs can comfortably seat up to eight adults. With this much spa space, your yard will instantly become your family’s favorite destination, and among the most popular spots on your block.

Medium-Sized Spas

Medium-sized hot tubs are great for growing families or for accommodating groups of four, five, or six adults. These spas can have a variety of jet configurations and seating styles to deliver a high-quality hydromassage to any area of the body.

Small Spas

Ideal for young couples, empty-nesters, and those who don’t entertain often, small hot tubs offer an intimate spa environment without compromising on quality. If you have limited space or simpler needs, a small Sundance® spa with a capacity for two, three, or four adults will be perfect for you.

Lounge or no lounge seat?

How you plan to use your spa plays into your decision on choosing the best hot tub. While all Sundance® spas offer plenty of room to relax, help combat sleeplessness, relieve muscle soreness and are a great opportunity for family bonding, there are a few things to consider. Spas with lounges offer optimum neck-to-feet relief for relaxation or therapy. And, open seating spas have plenty of room for friends and family to gather. One test is to consider when you are relaxing on your couch, do you prefer to recline or sit up?

Wet testing

When you’re ready to dip your toes—or your whole body—in the water, schedule a wet test at your local Sundance® Spas dealership. Stepping into a full-functioning hot tub is the best way to experience and appreciate everything that Sundance® Spas has to offer. Even a dry test will showcase where the water line is, verify soaking depth and allow you to check on a variety of seats.

Reasons to Buy Sundance® Spas

With a long history of loyal customers trusting our brand to deliver the best portable hot tubs on the market, Sundance® Spas has been making award-winning products since 1979. We’ve received more accolades and honors than any other company in the industry, and dealers who are the best and most knowledgeable in the industry.

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