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CLEARRAY Active Oxygen Clean Water System

The CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ System injects a low dose of ozone into the water before it passes by the UV-C light, energizing active oxygen molecules to work harder to clean the water longer. This advanced oxidation process naturally activates active oxygen molecules, breaking up contaminants and eliminating up to 99.99% of waterborne pathogens. The CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ Clean Water System is standard on all acrylic spas.

Clean Water

UV-C technology gives you the choice to add the right dose of chlorine or bromine to meet your needs. Regardless of whether you choose chlorine or bromine, we combine ozone and UV-C technology to offer the most powerful clean water system available.

Clean Water

Clean Water

CLEARRAY Active Oxygen Technology

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Works harder and cleans your water longer

hands free approach

A hands-free approach to water care

Ozone and UV-C

Ozone & UV-C are used in drinking water plants, aquariums, hospitals, and water treatment plants.