5 Ways a Sundance® Spa Will Enhance Your Quality of Life

"Our happiest customers are clearly the ones that use their hot tubs routinely. You can tell which customers use their hot tubs daily, by their attitude and outlook on life. It's almost like they're glowing when they walk in."

- Jeff Henderson, Aqua Quip, Sundance Spas Seattle Dealership

1. Relieve Arthritis and Joint Pain

"As we're getting older, we've noticed more aches and pains. Since we've installed the spa those pains aren't as sharp, the corners are rounded."
- William Wright

Relief from Arthritis and Stiff Joints: Feel better all over with Sundance Spas' hydrotherapy, naturally easing aches and pains in 3 ways:

  • .The heat from the warm water relaxes the entire body as it increases blood flow.
  • .The massaging action of the jets loosens muscle tension and soothes sore joints.
  • .The water's bouyancy makes you feel lighter, with up to 90% of your body weight lifted.

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2. Decrease Stress and Relax

There's no doubt that on a daily basis, stress can take a toll. Finding ways to de-stress is important to achieving optimal health and well-being. While a glass of wine may be one way of coping, we think your doctor would agree that taking a dip in your hot tub is a much better choice. It can truly help you recover from that stressful day. Dr. Becker of Washington State University found that a simple 24 minute dip actually changes nervous system patterns of test subjects to match those of a relaxed, focused person.

Improving the quality of your sleep is another way to better manage stress, and that soak in a hot tub has been clinically proven to help people get to sleep faster and have higher-quality sleep overall. Ask your doctor what they would recommend, some hot tub time or a prescription sleep aid?

3. Simple Shortcut to Connecting with Friends and Family

"Socialization plays a large role in maintaining quality of life... Research has shown that those who have strong social networks... seem to have a higher quality of life, live longer and are healthier."
- Glass, Mendes de Leon, Marottolie & Berman

Owning a hot tub offers numerous opportunities for family, friends and neighbors to visit and enjoy a fun and relaxing soak in your spa. A hot tub is a natural gathering spot that encourages stimulating conversation between people, often resulting in meaningful and quality social time with the people most important to you.

4. Stay Active and Maintain Daily Activity

"Installing a Sundance spa has really made a difference. I just feel so much better after soaking in the spa. I just feel like I could do more. I could maintain my activity."
- Lisa Wright

Whether you've spent a day cleaning out the garage or an afternoon on the golf course, you might be feeling some extra fatigue and muscle soreness. In both Western and Eastern healing traditions, prfessionals routinely recommend or prescribe hydrotherapy to relieve overworked muscles and certain types of injuries. Sundance hydrotherapy is far reaching and has the ability to:

  • .Mitigate the symptoms of muscle strains, sprains, and other injuries.
  • .Help restore range of motion.
  • .Bring the body into a more calm state.

5. Find Peace and Balance

"Solitude, especially in natural surroundings, can result in feelings of peace and contentment. Spending time alone can give you time to psychologically digest the events of your life and put them in perspective, thereby lowering stress and increasing feelings of contentment and well-being."
- Psychologist Ester Buchholz

Imagine your personal spa escape where you can soak in tranquil warm waters in complete solitude. Sundance Spas are frequently the centerpiece in many a backyard oasis, giving you that one place you can go and get away from it all. Like going on vacation by taking a few steps out the back door.

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