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Hot Tub Health Benefits

Hot Tub Health Benefits for the New Year

Have you made a New Year’s resolution? Typically, it seems the resolutions I hear most revolve around weight loss, tighter finances, less work and more family fun. In a recent study, results found that the top New Year’s resolutions reveal a focus on quality of life as opposed to a focus on money. Hot Tub Health Benefits 300x185 Hot Tub Health BenefitsHere are the survey results in order of popularity (conducted by TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation):

2011 Top New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Relax/Reduce stress
  • Have more fun
  • Save more money

Interestingly enough, two years prior, the same study results found the opposite to be true, as “save more money” was the top resolution, followed by “relax/reduce stress.” This year, nearly two-thirds of survey respondents said they are less likely to make resolutions about their personal finances; health and well-being are simply more important as they look to the future.

Relax, reduce stress and have fun…all things associated with hot tub health benefits.

Additional hot tub benefits include:

  • Better sleep
  • Relief from muscle soreness
  • Fewer symptoms of arthritis and back pain

How do you define quality of life? Researchers at the University of Toronto’s Quality of Life Research Unit define quality of life as “The degree to which a person enjoys the important possibilities of his or her life.” Improve your quality of life by improving health and wellness on a daily basis through hot tub therapy. A daily warm water massage can be a restorative, therapeutic experience leaving you with a sense of calm and comfort, pain relief, rejuvenation and increased energy. Sounds like a fantastic way to welcome the new year.

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