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Hydrotherapy Helps Raise Funds and Awareness

Sundance Spas Participates in the Wounded Warrior Project’s Soldier Ride

Over the years, Sundance Spas has had an opportunity to talk with various wounded vets who call us in search of advice on how they can incorporate hydrotherapy into their recovery. Hot tubs are not just for fun and relaxation and socialization, they are also used by people who’ve had serious life and physical changing injuries to them. As a company that promotes quality hot tub therapy as a restorative, therapeutic experience, it made perfect sense that Sundance Spas somehow get involved with the Wounded Warrior Project and the Soldier Ride. READ MORE >


Happy Halloween Sports Fans!

The Bud Light Chargers Power Party is the ultimate tailgate party featuring live bands, great food and beverage selections, games and more. The Power Party takes place during the regular season at section F2 in the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot and begins three and a half hours prior to kickoff. Admission is free and open to all ages. This Halloween Sunday, 10/31 is the last chance fans can receive fantastic treats from Sundance® Spas and Champagne Spas at the Power Party! Prizes last week included: READ MORE >


Who’s Ready For Some Football?

Athletes Use Hot Water Therapy to Accelerate the Body’s Natural Healing Processes

hot tub after exercising If you are a sports enthusiast, you know very well what season we are in...and it isn’t autumn or fall. We are in football season of course! So I ask- Who is ready for some football? As we all know, football is most definitely a contact sport. Contact actions include sprinting, tackling, pushing, blocking, leaping and dodging. Sore muscles are expected and inevitable. READ MORE >

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