Hot tub jets that give you a better massage.

You might think hot tub jets, as a standard feature on nearly every home spa, are essentially all the same. At Sundance® Spas, we think of jets as so much more than that. We know that the type of jets in your home spa directly impact how much relaxation and enjoyment you get out of your soak, which is why each spa model includes jets that are targeted and powerful.

Our patented Fluidix™ jet technology is designed to produce a steady flow or oscillation, for targeted and broad-range hydrotherapy massage. This technology results in jets that are a powerful ally in fighting sore joints and aching muscles. And the big difference in these jets is that they do it all without bearings and other parts that can wear down, decreasing the effectiveness of your hot tub. Choose from options that allow for varied actions, from whirlpool to pressure point jets that simulate acupressure therapy.

Visit one of our local Sundance® Spa dealers to explore which combination of jets are best for your needs and lifestyle. Our Fluidix Intelli-Jet™ can be adjusted horizontally and vertically to hit specific areas on your body. Vortex™ jets provide a swirling motion and signature rifling action to alternate between low and high impact massage. The SMT™ Micro Adjustable jet allows you to control the pressure and is designed to relieve neck pain and tension.

Once you’ve chosen which jets will provide ultimate relaxation, protect your tub and everything inside it with our spa covers and other accessories. Our hot tubs and spas are built to last, but they’ll last even longer when you take care to preserve and maintain them.

  • 680-DV


    • Gentle, pulsing massage action soothes tired calves
    • Rotating jet stream expands and contracts the water stream
    • Fully adjustable face
  • 680-DX


    • Targets small muscles in the neck area with a gentle, yet effective massage
    • Relieves tension and strain
    • Adjusts for more or less water pressure
  • 680-DL


    • Focuses on pressure points on the neck, shoulders and back
    • Provides deep-tissue massage to relieve muscle tension and soreness
    • Adjustable face allows you to control the intensity of your massage
  • 680-DXL


    • Provides a direct, penetrating massage to muscles in the back
    • Relieves tired muscles, stress and tension
    • Fully adjustable face
  • 680-DVX


    • Delivers powerful hydrotherapy to muscles in the back and calves
    • Adjusts for a customized massage
  • 680-DST


    • Sends swirling currents of warm water circling throughout the spa
    • Vigorous whirlpool action delivers muscle-penetrating massage
  • Diverta


    • Relaxes with a swirling whirlpool massage
    • Enables you to divert massage from one seat to another
  • 680-DXT


    • Delivers a deep forcefull massage designed to soothe the muscles in the back
    • Large nozzle is easy to adjust
  • 680-DVR1


    • Provides a rotational action delivering a penetrating massage
    • Adjust for a customized massage

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