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What to Consider When Choosing a Spa

Michael is a foot taller than his wife Teresa, so it was important for the Coles to find a hot tub that was the right fit for both of them. They loved the Sundance Showroom, where they could experience firsthand the high-end quality and style.

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Try Before You Buy

Discover what spa models suit your family’s needs and lifestyle best. Sit in several spa models on the showroom and determine which seats you prefer. Did you know you could wet test a spa? Submerge yourself in the warm water at the showroom and try out the different massage types and jet configurations in each seat.

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Find the Perfect Options and Features for You

Adjustable waterfalls, multi-colored LED lighting, and music from the premium BLUEWAVE™ Spa Stereo System with Bluetooth® Audio Ð experience them in person.

Select Your Color Combination

Nothing like the real thing! See the rich textures and various shades in person. Learn why our acrylic shells are eight times stronger than ordinary spa shells. And ask about our comprehensive warranty.

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Let Our Expert Spa Consultant Answer Your Questions

Discuss features and options with your Sundance dealer in a relaxed, friendly environment. They will answer all your questions, advise on the best plan for delivery and set up, and help you learn about the various spas.

You’ve done your research, compared brands, and talked to your friends who own hot tubs. There’s only one step left, and that’s visiting the dealer showroom. Bring the family, and have a fun exploring your choices!

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“The gentleman at the showroom explained everything and how each different hot tub had all these different features so it could really be customized to you and your family. I felt so much more empowered to make the right decision for us.”


Teresa Cole, Sundance Spas® Hot Tub Owner
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