Why Wet Test?

Why Take a “Wet Test” When Choosing a Hot Tub?

Of all the factors that go into the decision to buy a spa, the wet test – trying out a water-filled hot tub – is the most critical. You can literally get in over your head if you purchase a hot tub that’s too deep. The wet test is the only way to experience the different types of jet massage. It’s also your chance to hear how the jets sound from inside the spa.

Before you decide exactly what type of hot tub is right for you and your family, schedule a wet test. It’s fun, too!

Here’s how to make the most of your hot tub wet test:

1. Get into it. Stepping into water is not the same as getting into a dry spa. Most people opt for coordinating hot tub steps, for enhanced convenience and safety. It’s especially important for elderly family members or those with physical limitations to feel comfortable getting in and out. Some spa models come in lower heights for easier access.

2. See how well you fit in. When you sit in a hot tub full of water, your body changes buoyancy – it’s lighter! The wet test lets you try out different seats to discover which ones are most comfortable for your body type and height. Can you enjoy a foot massage when you’re sitting up? How about relaxing with your arms resting on the sides of the hot tub? You wouldn’t buy a chair or a lounge without sitting in it first – the same goes for a hot tub wet test.

3. Take a seat. You’ll probably feel completely relaxed while sitting a well-made hot tub, but remember that this is a wet TEST. There are some important things to note about seating. Open seating (no barriers) is convenient for entertaing. The warm-water massage from a therapy seat reduces stress and provides other health benefits. A cool-down seat helps you transition in and out of the warm water. Ask your dealer about which models are designed with the seats you like.

4. Experience the jet action. The best hot tubs deliver a wide range of massage types. Once you’re in the hot tub, feel the power and intensity of the jets. There should be those designed for a deep, kneading back massage, while others target the whole body with a soothing effervescence. Standing outside the hot tub and dipping your hand into the water doesn’t tell you much – especially if you’re trying to reach the foot jets!

5. Spend some quiet time. A premium brand spa is virtually silent during the times when the water is gently circulating, and being filtered and heated. Engage the jets so you can listen to the sounds they make while you’re sitting in the spa. You want to be able to have a normal conversation and even listen to music.

6. Expect to find clean, clear water. The best hot tubs manufactured have excellent water purification systems that rely on built-in technology to keep the water free of pollutants and feeling fresh. Because modern hot tub systems require fewer chemicals, you don’t need to worry about smelly chlorine, and the discomfort of red eyes and dry, itchy skin.

7. Put it all together. Lots of people walk into the dealership convinced that they want the model with the most jets. But the strength and versatility of a hydromassage depends on quality components and efficient engineering more than the sheer number of jets. Look for a hot tub that combines seating and jets to deliver maximum results. You’ll also want jet controls that let you adjust the water pressure and air mix.

What else? Soaking in a hot tub at your local dealer’s showroom is likely to prompt even more questions. Don’t hesitate to ask your dealer for answers about any aspect of purchasing and owning a hot tub.

Arrange for your wet test. Contact your local dealer to find out if they offer a wet test. Some dealer showrooms include dedicated rooms for taking a wet test, or you can ask to schedule an after-hours wet test for more privacy. Be sure to bring the family with you for the wet test, too.

Find your local Sundance® Spas dealer and schedule a wet test n

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